Newcastle Give Up On French Striker

It looked like with Alan Pardew’s comments of a day or two ago that Newcastle were going after Loic Remy of QPR, after his move to Liverpool broke down last Monday in Boston.

loic remy at hull

Loic Remy – has Pardew given up on this player?

And there were even reports out that Newcastle officials were meeting with QPR officials in London today, over a possible Remy deal.

But Newcastle manager Alan Pardew seems to have squashed those aspirations as he has said this today to BBC Newcastle;

“I think Loic Remy has had plenty of chances to come to us.” “We made it very clear that we would like to have had him and it had not really happened, so sometimes you have to say where is the line drawn for us as a club, as we have our own respect and professionalism.

“So maybe that’s one that’s got away but like all transfers – they are never ever over, so we will keep our finger on the pulse.”

Maybe Alan has been told to dampen down his comments about Remy – because he was very bullish when he last talked to BBC Newcastle a day or two ago – and said of course he would be interested in signing Remy.

So you never know what’s really going on – and maybe this is a communication to Remy himself – and it’s at least consistent with an earlier report that said that Remy would need to be keen to come to Newcastle before the Magpies made another approach for the striker.

And what Alan Pardew is really saying is that the club is bigger than any one player, and if Remy doesn’t really want to play for Newcastle permanently, then we’ll not (waste our time and) bother going after him – and that’s fair enough.

Newcastle United have to maintain their respect and professionalism – as Alan rightly points out.

We only want players who are keen to come to Newcastle and put on the famous black and white striped shirt, and who knows – Loic Remy may even find himself playing at QPR for next season.

That’s not as good as playing for Liverpool – or playing for Newcastle.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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