It Will Take Ten Games For New Team To Gel – Pardew

After the Manchester City game on Sunday, Alan Pardew made some good points in his many interviews about how it will take time for the many new players in the side to get to know how each other play, and also to get to know how the manager himself operates and what he wants out of the players.

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Alan Pardew – will take us 10 games to gel

It does take some time, especially when we have so many new players in the squad, with six players making their competitive debuts for Newcastle against City.

This is what Alan said after the game:

“There’s a lot of things about the players I don’t know in terms of the new ones, in terms of what we’re going to get when we have a setback.”  “I was pleased after we conceded the first goal because I thought our reaction after the first goal was fantastic.”

“Those things I have to learn about the new players, they have to learn about me and how I work, all of that takes time.” “There’s many quotes from many Premier League managers about players needing to settle a little bit.”

“We’ve got to introduce a lot of new players, and that has to be taken a little bit into consideration in the first ten games. I still think we’re going to be a good side this year.”

“It’s always important to put on a show of unity and we had a difficult time at the back end of last season, but a lot of Premier League sides did,  and it’s important to put things in to perspective, which I think we have.”

“We’ve signed some good players and now it’s a question of getting results that give us a confidence to grow. Results give you confidence. We’ll have got a certain confidence, but it’s good to get wins, especially with new players.”

“You need that confidence in each other. That’s what we’re looking at: the next game, we’re looking to win it.” “I don’t think it’s a setback. I honestly think we’ve come up against individuals we’re not going to see every week.”

“Some of their play was outstanding and you only have to see it close up to know the quality of Nasri, Silva, the power of Yaya Toure, and Dzeko up front is a real handful.”

“I thought we coped with it as well as we could have. When you play the top teams you need a break, there’s no doubt about that. Whenever I’ve won against the top sides, you get a break in the game.”

“It didn’t happen for us, we didn’t get a ricochet or anything that fell our away, but I’m kind of as pleased as I can be with a 2-0 defeat.”

There were a few times in the final 20 minutes of the game, where Newcastle had some chances to score, but we just couldn’t get the ball into the net, and then City got another injury time goal to give them a rather flattering score against Newcastle.

The next two games at Aston Villa and home to Crystal Palace will be important for Newcastle, and we certainly need to pick up points and hopefully get at least one win out of those two games.

The game at Villa on Saturday is the early kick-off game at 12:45 pm, so it would be nice if we can win that one.

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