Cheick Tiote Wants To Leave Newcastle In January

We wonder why it is that our best players always seem to want to leave the club these days.

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Cheick Tiote – wants to leave Newcastle

We lost Yohan Cabaye and Mathieu Debuchy this year, and we couldn’t persuade Loic Remy to stay with us, and we know that Cheick Tiote was unsettled in the summer, with some Russian clubs after him, and Arsenal  were also said to be interested.

Alan Pardew admitted as much last week, and the manager wants to sign him to a new long term contract, but we may have trouble doing that.

The Ivory Coast International has been talking to the press in his home country, and this is some of what he said:

“I want to leave. I’ve spent four years with Newcastle. I think I have reached a stage where it’s maybe time for me to look elsewhere for a new challenge.”

“I will focus on upcoming games and let’s see what happens between now and December.” “It is true there were contacts for me from Arsenal and a club in Russia. I’d prefer to stay in England.”

It’s an assumption that he wants to leave in January.

But it seems that Cheick is hinting there that he wants to leave mid-season, but that would be catastrophic for the team, and it seems a club like Arsenal have probably let it be known they are interested in signing him in January.

Last January we sold Yohan Cabaye to PSG and that added to the disarray at the club, and we slumped very badly in those final 20 league games gaining only 16 points.

There is no way we should be letting Cheick Tiote leave the club in January.

The fact that Mike Ashley has played his hand and let everybody know that money is more important than the team at Newcastle is costing Newcastle some good players.

Every player at the club has their price, and that has caused a lot of unrest with top players – that’s simply some of the after-effects of Ashley recklessly selling Yohan Cabaye in January and not replacing him.

In fact Newcastle have still not replaced Cabaye with a creative midfielder.

28 year-old Tiote has played for Newcastle 120 times with one goal, and we bought him from FC Twente in the summer of 2010 for £3.5M.

What do you think?

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27 comments so far

  • 70TWO

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:22 AM

    Comment #1

    True spirit of the squad – Tiote wanting out. All the players know that if they play well they can potentially get a bigger contract else where. Players like Williamson know that the only move they will be getting is down, so it is not surprising they come out in false support of their duff manager.

  • spaghetti bandit

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:26 AM

    Comment #2

    Why do you always wonder?? What do we exactly have to offer them……

  • BuckLuck

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:36 AM

    Comment #3

    I don’t blame him at all.

    Why do I hate my club as much as I love it? Am I the only one? Terrible feeling!!

  • FinnBarr

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:37 AM

    Comment #4

    Who can blame him? If a managerial change isn’t made before January we’ll be relegation fodder.


    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:43 AM

    Comment #5

    the players who show up to interview are the players who know that after NEWCASTLE they would probably play in championship and don’t want pardew to leave by which they can play in premier league example Steven Taylor and Williamson you can also add Colo to this list

  • lesh

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:52 AM

    Comment #6

    Riots doesn’t have to go anywhere in January.

    All Ashley and his team manager’s got to do is to dig in and refuse to sell him, remind him he’s under contract to play to his best – and more to the point, give him reasons to make him want to stay.

    That’s not rocket science but it depends on the owner’s ambition and there rests the problem!

  • Mag52

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:52 AM

    Comment #7

    Who can possibly be surprised that players like Tiote are looking to move away from NUFC.
    They, like us, are well aware of the Ashley Doctrine – No cups, No European competitions, No relegation. In other words No ambition.
    Why would any international player put up with these restrictions. Once you achieve a certain level of earnings it’s all about performing on the bigger stage and winning trophies.
    As long as Ashley is anywhere near our club this problem will remain.

  • thepict

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:53 AM

    Comment #8

    I understood Cabella is Cabaye’s replacement. Haven’t seen it myself.

  • lesh

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:54 AM

    Comment #9

    whoops – Riots = Tiote!

  • Blofal

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:55 AM

    Comment #10

    We are sure to be relegated without Tiote. He won’t be allowed to leave in January for that reason alone. Staying in the Premiership is Mike Ashleys priority. Expect him gone end of the season however.

  • c-dog

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:57 AM

    Comment #11

    Don’t blame him. He puts in the effort every week and has to play beside the like of Gouff, Sissoko, Riviere who couldn’t care less about the team and show anything but commitment.

  • firebug666

    Oct 1, 2014 at 8:58 AM

    Comment #12


    Think you might have had it right the first time.

    Riots…..I like it. 😀

  • Rotonda heights

    Oct 1, 2014 at 9:00 AM

    Comment #13

    I was very impressed by this very classy and speedy CB I saw playing for Roma last night who appeared to have the Man City strike force in his pocket. He looked familiar somehow.

    I don’t think he’d get a game here mind as he’s obviously not a patch on saylor, Willo and Colo.

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Oct 1, 2014 at 9:13 AM

    Comment #14

    Rotonda, Rudi Garcia believes in him as a player, Pardew didn’t, that says it all.

    One was runner up in Serie A last year and in Champions League, the other bottom of Premier League.

    It’s happened a number of times before though…

    “Every day I was there, training hard, just in case. I’m satisfied with my professionalism. I didn’t complain, I accepted that I was not in the plans of Alan Pardew.

    “I wasn’t picked when West Ham were winning, or when they were losing.” Mascherano.

    He has over 100 caps for Argentina and Pardew didn’t rate him (even though he pathetically backtracks on that later).

    Here’s his honours since leaving the clutches of Pardew:

    Liverpool?UEFA Champions League Runner-up: 2006–07
    Barcelona?La Liga: 2010–11, 2012–13
    ?Copa del Rey: 2011–12; Runner-up: 2010–11, 2013–14
    ?Supercopa de España: 2011, 2013; Runner-up: 2012
    ?UEFA Champions League: 2010–11
    ?UEFA Super Cup: 2011
    ?FIFA Club World Cup: 2011

    Yet he didn’t rate him…

    Pardew out!

  • JP...from The Rock

    Oct 1, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    Comment #15

    This just gets better and better!!

    We’re going down for sure!!! Thanks a million Pardew and Ashley!!

  • bobby mango

    Oct 1, 2014 at 9:35 AM

    Comment #16

    Good luck to him. He’s given us everything and the club have done nothing to honour their promises.
    His career has hardly been propelled staying here. For his own sake time to move on.

    Ashley needs to wake up and realise the massive gamble is going to cost him big

  • lesh

    Oct 1, 2014 at 9:37 AM

    Comment #17


    That thought did cross my mind, maybe ‘Riots’ was my mobile’s Fruedian slip!

    And, don’t rule them out if Ashley persists with his reckless ownership of this once-great club of ours.

  • banjax

    Oct 1, 2014 at 9:41 AM

    Comment #18

    Is it any surprise that our best players want to leave the club. With the lack of ambition shown by the owner and the display of a club that has lost it’s pride to the rest of the football world – is it any wonder that our best players want to leave and the best don’t want to sign for us. This ain’t goin to change unless a drastic change of attitude happens at the top of the club!

  • ToonMatt

    Oct 1, 2014 at 9:54 AM

    Comment #19

    I don’t blame Tiote at all and wish him well, He’s a good player and is way too good for this sack of sh*t the blame lies firmly with Mike Ashley and the 50,000 mugs who show up to support him every week!

  • StuW

    Oct 1, 2014 at 10:26 AM

    Comment #20

    So, the rot inside starts to well and truly spread.

  • goommy

    Oct 1, 2014 at 10:28 AM

    Comment #21

    No surprise. This will happen again and again under Pard. Players are not stupid. They know our team couldn’t go anywhere with this second rate manager..

  • peterk3

    Oct 1, 2014 at 1:25 PM

    Comment #22

    Bought for £3.5 million, sell for £8 million, that’s it job done.

  • dingo

    Oct 1, 2014 at 1:45 PM

    Comment #23

    I’m still getting a kit with Tiote’s name on it – love the passion he has and the way he plays. Shame the team can’t match it.

  • Keith in France

    Oct 1, 2014 at 2:44 PM

    Comment #24

    He needs more money to pay for all his wives!

  • thevirus

    Oct 1, 2014 at 3:48 PM

    Comment #25

    These situations leave me in two minds 1) I want to say if u don’t want to play for newcastle then just leave the club will be better off without a fully committed player 2) knowing the situation the club is in and the way it’s being run under the leadership of Ashley and Pardew then I feel that it’s understandable why they want to leave, no ambition,not even a half decent manager. I’m rapidly losing interest in the great club that is Newcastle ( if a life long fan can lose interest then you can’t blame the players)

  • Danufc9

    Oct 1, 2014 at 4:59 PM

    Comment #26

    he knows as well as the fans that we are in deep shite! And it shows with the players attitudes on the pitch as well. After Tiote it’ll be Sissoko also in January. And Pardew will fulfill his full contract while ashley is here i think.

  • davis_toons

    Oct 1, 2014 at 9:22 PM

    Comment #27

    Cabella is NOT Cabaye
    Cabella is NOT Ben Arfa


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