Newcastle Should Be More Ambitious – Tell That To Mike Ashley

Tim Krul was interviewed after the 2-2 draw at Swansea on Saturday, and he wasn’t altogether happy, first of all because he wanted Newcastle to win, and he also thinks Newcastle should be a lot more ambitious – and thinks we should be in the top ten.

tim krul close up

Tim Krul – he’s ambitious

Maybe Tim should tell that to the owner Mike Ashley – that’s certainly what the fans want – we must be more ambitious than just staying in the Premier League.

This is what Tim said:

“I’ve got mixed feelings if I’m honest, because I thought we could have snuck it at the end.”

“Don’t get me wrong, it was great to come back and to do that twice. When you go one down, confidence is low, then come back to 1-1 and do it all over again to make it 2-2, it’s a good thing.”

“But we can’t just be happy with a point because we should be fighting for spots in the top ten.¨ “Some people might have taken a point before the start of play, away from home at a team like Swansea, but not me. I’m more ambitious than that.¨

“However, we showed good spirit and that is a big positive to take from today.”

Maybe Tim was getting itchy feet at the end of last season, because he’s realizing he’s not going to go very far with Newcastle, in terms of playing in Europe or winning anything – not while Mike Ashley is the owner.

Newcastle are now 3rd bottom of the league after seven games, and above only newly promoted clubs QPR and Burnley, and we have to get some wins together if we are going to move up the table.

The best we can hope for from Mike Ashley is when we are struggling against relegation – which could be this season – Mike will do anything to keep us in the Premier League.

That’s so that Sports Direct can continue to have that free vehicle for their world-wide advertising – also known as Newcastle United.

If we are still around the bottom of the league come December, watch for players to come in permanently and/or on loan to fortify the squad – as Mike did a year last January, when we were in danger of being relegated.

That’s when we will see Mike really motivated to improve the side, but only to keep us in the Premier League,  and he’s not interested in making Newcastle into a top six club.

That’s why he doesn’t belong at Newcastle.

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3 comments so far

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Oct 6, 2014 at 12:49 AM

    Comment #1

    If it wasn’t for Krul’s outstanding saves, Pardew would have notched up another loss. Krul has saved Pardew a number of times, nicking points when we’ve been rubbish and disjointed as usual. Swansea played some nice football at times.

    Makes me laugh when people say Cabella is too light weight. He’s already being Pardewed. If you play pass and move football it doesn’t matter to a certain extent how strong you are because if you do it correctly, you won’t even come into contact with the opponent. How on earth have Xavi, Iniesta and Silva managed up to now? Even the Pardew reject Wayne Routledge is playing more intelligent football under a decent set up.

    It’s an easy element to blame. “Not strong enough”, good old English mentality ‘ey? “Get stuck in!” “fight for it”.


    Application of work-rate can come from the need to improve the system the play in, the hunger to want to improve and enjoy football whilst working with your teammates. Not just “fight for it” like Pardew the imbecile says. Running like a headless chicken chasing and defending the ball. Laughable.

    What is a “fight”? It’s not a tactical understanding of how to move the ball round the pitch throughout the team in relation movement off the ball and knowing when and where to make runs before the ball is even played.

    To the likes of Pardew, “fight” and “‘ard work” are just examples of his limited football knowledge, which is why we have played disjointed football throughout his time here. The have no style of play or intelligent guidance.

    How about a manager that can get players understanding where they are on the pitch in relation to each other and how they will find space in a pre-planned pattern so they don’t have to rely on that physical challenge as much if that is not their strength? Rather than looking absolutely lost and playing on a poor pass by pass basis.

    Pardew out, Ashley out.

  • Toonacious T

    Oct 6, 2014 at 1:22 AM

    Comment #2

    That’s a come and get me shout out from Tim Krul,
    Hot on the heels of Tiote’s I’m looking a new challenge interview. Anybody with a footballing brain and an ounce of talent is looking to jump ship. The writing is on the wall. Don’t expect anymore than 50% of the money from the sale of these two to be reinvested in the team btw as we go shopping in the French bargain bucket bin again.

  • WestOzMag

    Oct 6, 2014 at 5:21 AM

    Comment #3

    Just jump ship Tim, no point being around the horrible surrounds at this club. Too good of a player to be missing out on success.
    Wouldn’t blame the other top players in this team if they were to leave. This is championship stuff on TV atm with this club. Should be on the comedy channel on pay TV At any other club the top players would all flourish. Good players shine when they are around decent mangers and have the backing from owners who are ambitious.


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