This Player Has Been Fantastic For Us – He’s A Big Lift

Newcastle defender Mike Williamson has been interviewed in the papers today, and he has come out and praised Alan Pardew for the way he is dealing with the pressure he gets from the media and the local Newcastle fans, and he has also come out and praised Papiss Cisse.

pappis cisse swansea

Papiss Cisse in action last Saturday
The 29 year-old Senegal striker has been just great for us this season so far, with 4 goals in his first three appearances for the club, which has already equaled his goals tally for all of last season. 😀

Papiss has already said he thinks the protests against the Newcastle manager Alan Pardew are not helping the players, and Mike Williamson is hoping things can be turned around quickly – and what that means is we need to get a couple of wins in say – the next three games.

Mike has praised the Senegal striker – who seems to be on fire at Newcastle at the moment:

 “Half the battle is having a guy like that who is scoring goals regularly. Papiss has been fantastic.”

“The attitude and work-rate he has shown when coming in every day during his recovery has been phenomenal and he is reaping the rewards of all the hours of hard work that people do not see.”

“He is proving a big lift for us with his performances and goals. He is exactly what we needed.”

One other thing that seems to have galvanized the players at Newcastle, is the news that Jonas Gutierrez is fighting testicular cancer and he has just undergone chemotherapy treatment after the cancer was found to have spread – and that has resulted in him losing that famous long hair of his.

Papiss in particular seems to have been inspired by the terrific fight shown by his Argentine friend, and it makes even the problems at Newcastle United pale into some insignificance in the bigger scheme of things.

The Newcastle players need to use everything they can to come out in the next two or three games and start to get some wins under their belts.

We’re sure that’s what Papiss Cisse will be doing, and we’ve already seen with this player that when he’s on form – anything is possible – and he score goals almost from anywhere at any time.

Howay The Lads!!

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9 comments so far

  • toonincheek

    Oct 7, 2014 at 9:13 AM

    Comment #1

    If Cisse can go on scoring 2 goals a game,
    we stand a chance of avoiding relegation.

  • Laurent Robert 32

    Oct 7, 2014 at 9:18 AM

    Comment #2

    Mag52, I’ve just written a bit out and it deleted. I’m not writing it out again.

    Their propaganda is working, because fans like you are getting sucked in by the pre-written pro-team interviews.

    His nonsense is constantly insulting most fans’ intelligence along with his lies.

    You may be fine have the wool pulled over your eyes, but I don’t. Neither do thousands of other fans.

    Jeff from Rainbow, it’s funny how the only thing being repeated is our inability to get wins. Our comments just mirror what is going on.

  • mecannylad

    Oct 7, 2014 at 9:28 AM

    Comment #3

    The Keith Bishop Show is now in full swing and it’ll be that way until the build up to the Leicester game.
    I am getting the impression – and am encouraged – that the ‘penny is dropping’ about the validity of character assasination in the Toon Army’s quest to influence change. There is now far more emotional intelligence being shown by us fans than the extremists give us credit for.

  • hibbit

    Oct 7, 2014 at 9:29 AM

    Comment #4

    the pr team now handling the nufc account are by far the best damage limitation company in the uk they now have two weeks to win over as many fans as they can and lift some of the pressure off pardue as you can tell by reading this blog its starting to work

  • Average_Contents

    Oct 7, 2014 at 9:33 AM

    Comment #5

    I see more people are blinded by the club’s massive PR campaign. “It’s the press it’s the supporters” “we are trying our hardest”….erm no. No its not and no you haven’t or if you have (in willows case) then your simply put, just not good enough.

    I have two, yes two functioning eyes which relay the piss poor performances and lack of gameplan to my already overloaded brain and it then comes to the only possible conclusion all by itself of: We played shite.

    It’s not the press it’s not the supporters, it’s the current incumbent residing in the hotseat aided by his fellow dinosaurs and of course his rather rotund but very loyal/incredibly stupid/visually impaired (delete where applicable) toad of a boss.

    To the author of university length essays.

    The writhing single cell amoeba was not aimed at yourself so no need to inject it into your posts although I will concede it may of looked this way but it really wasn’t. I can clearly see you are not the missing link in human evolution and do infact have more than one brain cell to rub together. How many who knows but I’d wager it’s substantially more than a few of the blind faith brigade currently residing in their murky shit infested oceans.

    Just thought I’d clear that up.

  • Average_Contents

    Oct 7, 2014 at 9:42 AM

    Comment #6


    Spot on. It’s working a treat isn’t it! Amazing what PR can achieve nowadays.

    The only bandwagon so aptly named by the king and willow we are jumping on is infact the one that was hitched to the king himself when he unfortunately rolled into town.

    Is it the fans fault we’ve had record breaking runs season upon season? Constant hammerings dished up because he hasn’t got a clue? I think not.

    To add a bit more gloss to his already sparkling record whilst here: if we fail to win our next game he will be the first premiership manager to not have won in 8 since the season started.

    Truly magical. Thanks king.

  • firebug666

    Oct 7, 2014 at 9:44 AM

    Comment #7

    This rolling out the players to defend the inept one, is yet another stunt aimed at the gullible.

    People need to know the club tells lies, and it uses every possible means to achieve this.

    They even used the fans to produce lies to try and better their money grabbing sales. I refer to the third strip allegedly picked by the Fans Forum Members, it was lies, some of the members even came on here to say they knew nothing about it.

    So now we have players being stuck in front of a camera or reporter with an agenda, a script to get out to the masses and turn the heads of the gullible.

    Take it with a pinch of salt….. Nay take it with a bucket full.

  • beermonkey

    Oct 7, 2014 at 9:46 AM

    Comment #8

    the pr overdrive can say and do what it likes pardews inability to manage a team are there for us all to see

    say what you like about the pulis and the moyes’s at least there teams are hard working and hard to break down

    a few weeks ago before his injury I thought Aarons was going to be the one to save pards but now its a half fit cisse
    the cisse bubble will burst soon enough not because of the player but the way we play
    we don’t get enough bodies in the box
    obatan did ok the other day but all his crosses are in areas that’s ok if you got players flooding the box we don’t
    Armstrong and Sammy seem to play with there head up and are able to pick out a cross or a pass
    not seen enough of either to know if this is norm

    we have Leicester and west brom in the next 5 games both must win

    it does appear old fashioned managers can change fat sam ordered to change and was given sherringham as a couch and maybe others I don’t know but its working

  • bladeuser

    Oct 7, 2014 at 2:41 PM

    Comment #9

    I am also not and never will b taken in by this pr garbage especially from players that could not lace philippe albert boots namely those donkeys willo and colo how many times do we have to put up with this s### after a draw or usually in our case a loss at the end of the day with this owner this manager and these players we are toast but yet again the pr or pied piper sucks in the fans with black and white eyes one more reason why we are toast


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