We’re Newcastle United – We’re Not A Small Club

After the game yesterday Alan Pardew gave quite a few interviews and we put out the ESPN, BBC and Sky Sports video interviews, because it shows Alan’s body language and how he said certain things – which can be taken out of context without the video.

pardew at tottenham 2-1

Alan Pardew – at White Hart Lane yesterday giving orders

And one of the lines Alan used about his half time team talk was a classic line – this is what he said:

“We needed to offer a threat – we’re Newcastle United.” “We’re not a small club. We’re a big club, and we were playing like a small club.”

In that first half we did the opposite of what Alan Pardew had asked for from his players, before the game.

Pardew wanted Newcastle’s energy to be too much for Tottenham, who had played last Thursday in the Europa League, and there’s always a chance of a let-down after a European game.

Newcastle showed very little energy in the first half and Spurs dominated the play – and we didn’t have one shot on target.

In that first half it was almost like we were trying to get through the game with minimum damage.

And that’s how  a small club would play in such a big game at White Hart (Hot) Lane.

But Newcastle at the end of the game got all the plaudits, for shocking Spurs and even our own fans with that second half display.

Let’s face it – it was an amazing display of guts and courage from the lads, especially after the comatose first half display, and these are the games we want from Newcastle – something that makes us feel proud when that final whistle blows, and we’ve now had two in a row.

I showed my wife the Newcastle fans in the crowd after the game, and she said – “boy, they look happy” – so I had to then explain we had actually won the game, and yes during the game Madeline asked – which team is Newcastle? 😀

Now our players need to play the whole game like they did in that second half, and maybe we could even be out of trouble by the end of the year.


That would be great – but we still need to bring players in during January – so they can get bedded in for next season.

We need a much better squad next season, than we have at the moment – that’s the truth.

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3 comments so far

  • cyprus

    Oct 27, 2014 at 9:10 AM

    Comment #1

    Totally agree with your third paragraph. Some people will rightly be upset, but I’m with the club and you on this: PL is a priority. If our second string (some of which are quite good players, don’t get me wrong, like Aarons) can beat Sxxty then so be it, let’s win it!

    Did you tell your wife that NUFC were the team in that disgusting outfit? 🙂 Whoever designed that? Our set piece coach?

  • lesh

    Oct 27, 2014 at 9:29 AM

    Comment #2

    Good to see that Pardew’s addressing the ‘small club’ air that has got to the players as a result of Ashley’s obsession with the finances and resultant transferring of top players.

    Now, it’s up to Ashley to back Pardew’s ‘big club’ language with action and sensible investment in good players.

    And, it transpired that Pardew sent the players out early before the second-half kicked off. A good move to warm the players up and be ready to go while the opposition’s heads are still in the dressing room.

    It worked at Sperz but it won’t work every time but, good practice that has us on the field and waiting for the opposition – giving us a psychological advantage.

    Some good signs of a possible improvement in form and attitude and now all we need are some incoming quality in January (no top players to leave please Mr Ashley) and a more attacking approach to our games.

    Good result in any event, a real confidence booster.

  • Sgt. Heagerty

    Oct 29, 2014 at 5:50 PM

    Comment #3

    We are arguably the 2nd or 3rd biggest club in the league, surely top 4,
    If only some Geordie would strike it rich and buy the club and put the same passion into owning the club the supporters put in we woe challenge for the title


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