This Local Lad Is Low Maintenance – Simple To Manage

Jack Colback was an experienced Premier League player when he signed on for Newcastle in the summer as a free agent,  after playing 135 total games with 5 goals for Sunderland over the last four seasons, and 114 of those games were in the Premier League.

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Jack Colback in action for Newcastle

Of all the players Newcastle brought in during the summer, Jack has been a starter right from the get go, and he has played better than any other newcomer so far this season.

And Jack was even called up for the England squad for the games against Norway and Switzerland back in September, but he was injured and had to return to Newcastle for treatment.

England manager Roy Hodgson has subsequently left him out of the England squad in favor of Wallsend-born Michael Carrick – who is now 33 years old and a little past his best.

This is what Alan Pardew said about Jack, and the manager was asked to rate the Killingworth lad:

“He’s been a significant part of our season in a positive way.” “If I was to mark him, I’d say seven out of 10, but I think he can get eights and nines here.”

“I’ve really enjoyed watching him play. I love his mentality. Could he play for England? For sure.” “All he needs to do is build on what he’s done.”

“To come from our big rivals and to have played the way he has is a real testament to his character.” “I think he’s at the same level he was when he was called up, but we’re winning games now, and the sun is shining on him a bit more.”

“We’ve got a good batch of central midfield players in the England squad, so he has good competition.” “I have no problems with Roy’s selection, and neither has Jack.”

“He’s a very simple player to manage. He makes the game simple. He’s low maintenance – he comes in, does his work, is terrific and goes home – lovely.”

Readers who have been managers in the work force, will know that people like Jack are a joy to manage, and they take no effort at all –  they are self starters and self motivators and just get on  with it.

It’s the high maintenance people who take all the time and effort.

Jack plays the game very simply, he gives the easy pass and plays the game in an uncomplicated way.

And he also seems to be an uncomplicated character – and that makes him a terrific professional in the game of football.

Jack is much better than we expected him to be, and we had watched him play for Sunderland a number of times last season.

The 25 year-old could well turn out to be one of Newcastle’s best free agent signings for a very long time – because he will only get better at his home town club.

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  • Dulcinera

    Nov 8, 2014 at 11:58 PM

    Comment #1

    I see a lot ot talk recently of how if a good offer comes along Ashley will sell our better players and my problem with this is that once again the conspiracy theories are abound that this is Ashleys fault and he takes pleasure in getting rid of our quality players.

    Look at the players we’ve sold/’loaned in recent times. Carroll – Liverpool , Cabaye – Psg, Debuchy – Arsenal, Demba Ba – chelsea, Yangaw Mbiwa – Roma. Just take a look at those clubs again. Liverpool, PSG, Chelsea, Arsenal, Roma. Clubs which are a far higher draw than newcastle, It is a fact that if a ridiculous offer comes in for our better players we WILL sell, simpy cus it will be a bigger, better club than ours and that the player won’t be able to refuse and whos head will turn and we will have no choice but to sell.

    It’s not a case of Ashley conspiring to sell our best players, but of bigger clubs than ours wanting our players and the players being drawed to bigger clubs with more trophy laden histories

  • lesh

    Nov 9, 2014 at 12:06 AM

    Comment #2

    Off topic I know, but…..

    A delusional Ranger’s fan or Bullshit McBishop?


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