Telegraph In Trouble Again With Newcastle United

Newcastle United have come out and issued a club statement, and once again it seems the Telegraph was the instigator of the story on Newcastle and Rangers not bring able to play together in Europe should both qualify in the future – and their report that UEFA had issued a ruling on the matter was simply not true..

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Mike Ashley – Newcastle Owner

This is the statement issued by Newcastle”

Caught lying again (The Telegraph)

Newcastle United feels it has been left with no alternative but to respond to a report published by The Telegraph yesterday, headlined ‘Newcastle and Rangers will not be able to play in Europe together next season because of Mike Ashley.

Exclusive: Mike Ashley’s seizure of power at Ibrox means Newcastle may never play in Europe again while he remains club owner.’

The article stated that ‘UEFA have confirmed Newcastle United and Rangers will not be allowed to play in Europe together, even if they qualify for different competitions, because of Mike Ashley’s involvement in the running of both clubs.’

When contacted by the Club today, UEFA confirmed in writing as follows:

“UEFA has not made any statement on specific clubs.

“With regard to your query, we kindly refer you to Article 3 of our competition regulations (Integrity of the competition) related among other to multi-ownership.

“We do not have any further comment to make on this.”

The Club issued a statement on 12th September, 2014, confirming it had banned Luke Edwards and all reporters working for, or on behalf of, the Daily Telegraph with immediate effect following reports published in its paper which were wholly inaccurate and written with the intention of unsettling the Club, players and its supporters.

Yesterday’s article is another example of the same journalist and title printing factually inaccurate reports that are potentially disruptive and are damaging to the Club.

The Club will make no further comment on this issue.

The bold type is what Newcastle have in their statement today.

The fact the Telegraph said that UEFA had issued the ruling is what got them into trouble, because the European  organization had done no such thing.

But you you can surmise by looking at the current rules of UEFA and Article 3 that in fact what the Telegraph published could turn out to be accurate in the future.

The rules of competition of  two clubs essentially owned by the same person are not crystal clear – other than they cannot compete against each other, and it’s still a question if Mike Ashley pursues his interest in Rangers how it could affect Newcastle United’s future in Europe.

But safe to say that Luke Edwards isn’t the most popular person in the Newcastle United Board room right now.

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2 comments so far

  • Slank

    Nov 29, 2014 at 9:26 AM

    Comment #1

    This is not the first time and probably not the last time that Luke Edwards and/or The Daily Telegraph have published stories about Newcastle United and/or Mike Ashley which have turned out to be factually incorrect and/or lies.

    It seems that Edwards and The Telegraph have a beef about Newcastle United or Mike Ashley. I always thought that the Daily Telegraph was above publishing gutter articles but apparently not.

    It would have been better of them to analyse UEFA and Article 3 and whether it breaches EU law of freedom of movement and resources. It has been seen many times before that European institutions back down when lawyers point out to them that their rules and regulations breech EU law and that they could be liable for considerable legal fees and penalties if they try and proceed with any action.

  • Malta Mag

    Nov 29, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    Comment #2

    The biggest problem at the club is this lack of communication between Mike Ashley and the supporters. It has gone on too long and it really needs to be addressed because not only the press but even the supporters can write all sorts of none sense about the man. Without a response it encourages people to rubbish the bloke and gives the impression he just doesn’t care and I for one don’t believe that’s true. Financially I can’t ever remember such a stable period with good business sense? The only question is his ultimate ambition for the club and I would like to hear him and only him answer that question? Come on Mike, show us the real you and what you want because plenty on here will be telling me what they think but ultimately only you can appease the doubters?


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