You Go Into Shock, You Go Blank, You Don’t Know What Will Happen

People who get cancer and are survivors then have an opportunity to get the word out about cancer,  and that it can be beaten, and with the way the medical doctors are improving all the time, and treatments are improving all the time, hopefully there will be a lot more cancer survivors in the future.

Steve Harper presents a cheque to Jonas Gutierrez.

Jonas Gutierrez and Steve Harper yesterday

Jonas did a fantastic job when he was recovering from testicular cancer over the last eighteen months or so, and he is now publicizing the fact that he survived and that he’s also a changed man for going through the (very) tough experience of fighting and beating cancer.

Jonas has been interviewed by the local papers today and this is some of what he has said:

“In that moment when you are diagnosed you don’t think about anything. You go into shock, you go blank,” “You never know what is going to happen.”

“The best thing you can do is what the doctor tells you and try to be positive. The thing I thought at the time was ‘Right, I will do everything I can’.”

“I will go to have the treatment, the operation and then I will go into recovery. I will do everything the doctor tells me – and if you think that, then nothing else comes into your mind.”

“People think we’re super-heroes, but you see that this type of thing can happen to anyone.” “It touched me, and I had to go through this but now you think of positive things. In some ways it was a great experience and I learned a lot.”

“At the beginning it was hard but when you are with the different patients in the chemotherapy unit you see the girls and the women and they don’t care about your hair.”

“I thought if they don’t care about their hair I won’t worry about mine.” “With the chemo you have difficult days because the body feels really sick. You know that this is the process of chemo.”

“You’re going to have that type of things, you’re going to go through that kind of things to recover.” “You try not to think of anything else and just think about positive thoughts.”

“You go through it all – the headaches, being sick, being really, really tired and not being able to get out of bed.” “It feels bad but it is the normal type of thing that happens with chemo.”

“The good thing is that when I kept getting check-ups during the chemo, they were all good news. That made me feel better – we went through the check-ups and they were all good.”

After treatment and while still without his hair, the Argentine even ran the Buenos Aries Marathon and finished in five hours and 22 minutes.

The time means nothing, and what’s important in running a marathon is just finishing, and the last six miles seems like 20.

jonas gutierrez yesterday march 15

A fit looking Jonas yesterday

Jonas accepted a check yesterday for £2,500 from Steve Harper’s part-owned Oddballs underwear company, and it was on behalf of Ballboys, a men’s cancer charity.

Jonas has said he will do all he can to support the charity, and if you want to help you can find more information about Ballboys here.

It’s very good to see Steve also getting involved in charity work.

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