Youngster Meets His Idol – An Unbelievable Experience

Adam Armstrong had two very good games for the England U18 side last week, and scored three great goals in the process, and when he was training at St. George’s Park he met and was photographed with England captain Wayne Rooney, who was in training for the game against Lithuania, which we won 4-0.

wayne rooney armstrong

Wayne Rooney and Adam Armstrong pictured last week

Adam Armstrong’s idol is Wayne Rooney, and Adam plays in the same way as Wayne, essentially as a number 10, and he’s often been called the next Wayne Rooney.

The young Newcastle star has given an interview, and he talks about his idol, who seems to be doing a good job as the England captain:

“I played against him at Old Trafford, and he said he liked the way that I always got across the defenders,”

“He said that the Manchester United team had watched me in the clips before the game – that was a massive confidence booster for me to have someone like that say that.”

“He came into our meeting and answered questions from all the lads and then I managed to speak with him one-on-one,” 

“The lads were all getting photos with him and I just stayed behind after that, and the manager Neil Dewsnip asked if I could ask him a few questions about my game.”

“I asked him what I can do for myself to improve as I try to play in the same way as him.”  “He gave me loads of tips and advice, which is an unbelievable experience for me.”

“Being such a young lad playing in the first-team, he told me that I always need to have confidence when I play and never be afraid to get my shots off.”

“As a striker, he just said that I always need to have the belief to go again if it wasn’t happening for me, and the only way to reach the top level is to continue working hard every day.”

“It might sound daft, but I’ve still got his poster on my bedroom door at home, so it was just class.” “It was a bit of a surprise to be made captain of the England U18 side.

It’s good that Wayne is doing his job as the England captain and meeting with the young English players coming through the ranks, and he reminds us a lot of David Beckham, when he became the England captain.

As David matured, he became a good guy and did good things and less of some of the crazy things he did as a youngster, and Wayne is doing the right things now as captain of Manchester United and England.

Wayne still gets criticized all the time in the English press, but he’s the best player England have got – by a long way – and Wayne will soon be England’s top goalscorer in history.

But when you are at the top you expect criticism – it’s a sign you are successful.


We expect big things from Adam Armstrong but John Carver needs to give him a chance, and you don’t know if he’s ready unless you play him.

Adam has played 23 games in total for the England U16, U17 and U18 teams, and has scored 18 goals.

Not too bad  at all – and it’s what a budding world-class player’s record would be.

As an example a young Alan Shearer played 11 times for the England youth sides, all for the U21’s from 1990 to 1992, and he scored 13 goals.

Here’s hoping.

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