Newcastle Relationships A Complete Mess Once Again

The situation and the relationship at Newcastle between those who run the club and the fans that support it maybe the worst it’s ever been – and that’s really saying something – because it was really bad in our relegation season, but right now it’s as bad as it was back then in 2009, when we were relegated for the first time ever from the Premier League.

lee charnley and mike ashley

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley – autocratic ownership

Back then there were demonstrations before our home games against owner Mike Ashley,  and much the same things is happening right now, and we are just hoping it doesn’t again lead to another relegation in May.

Mike Ashley never says anything to Newcastle fans, and that’s always been one huge source of frustration to the fans.

Roman Abramovich never says anything either to Chelsea fans, but Chelsea win  things regularly like the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League and even the Champions League – so he doesn’t have to  say anything – he’s getting the job done as the Chelsea owner.

Mike Ashley on the other hand runs Newcastle as though we had no money to spend, and is both frugal and cheap in some of the financial moves he makes in bringing players into the club.

Buy cheap and sell high is Mike Ashley’s mantra.

Those financial moves may work well in ordinary businesses, but they have been little short of a disaster at Newcastle United.

Today, John Carver has told the Northern Echo that it would be fantastic if there was a change in mood among supporters by the start of next season – yeah right – but how many times have we heard all this stuff and nothing ever happens?

It’s always next season and the fans plan to stand up in the 34th minute at tomorrow’s game as a protest of the running of the club by Mike Ashley.

This is what John said when asked if a change in relationships would be good and he gave the obvious response:

“That would be fantastic a change in mood. From day one next season it would be better. That is what we need to do,” 

“I was surprised on Sunday. I did not think it would be as many people as it was. We have to find a way of dealing with it and managing the situation because it can only hurt us.”

It is hurting us right now and the club is being torn apart because of the severe friction between Ashley and the Newcastle fans..

Mike Ashley’s relationship with fans from the start of his eight year reign on Tyneside has been a PR disaster, and he doesn’t seem to care much about it either – and continues to snub the fans – who again want him out of the club.

But that’s much easier said than done, and we think if Ashley did put the club up for sale in the summer, nobody would come in  and offer around £270M for Newcastle, given that’s the amount he would need to break even financially.

Randy Lerner at Aston Villa is finding it hard to sell that famous club for only £150M to a Chinese consortium.

And we know that financials are the only thing Ashley appears to think about.

It’s all a very sad state of affairs at Newcastle United – once again.

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  • Ibizatoon

    Apr 24, 2015 at 9:06 AM

    Comment #1

    “We need to find a way” – So do we accept the current way isn’t right or working then?7

    Have enough people said we’re sick to death of it all?

    Besides John commenting on the situation, are the club saying anything to indicate they’re aware or do they continue to work behind the scenes and simply lower ticket prices?

    Nothing is changing. No honesty, no communication, no effort to embrace the fan base.

  • Lilongwe Geordie

    Apr 24, 2015 at 9:10 AM

    Comment #2

    Rather than getting on at the fans John, how about you get the club to respond publicly to the open letter from the fans forum? Change has to come from the club, not the fans. It has to be acted upon, not just words. It has to be sustained, not just fleeting.


    Apr 24, 2015 at 9:17 AM

    Comment #3

    rivi 10 starts 8 sub no goals, facundo 5 starts 1 sub for reserves i goal . arma 1 start and 8 sub for 1st team usuall4 mins when getting beat,9 goals in 11 for u21 7 in 6 for eng u 18 .it should be obvious who should start with perez and be given a run until the end of season -arma.

  • Mint

    Apr 24, 2015 at 9:19 AM

    Comment #4

    The fans leaving affected us. Is JC trying to do P45Due a favour by become even more disliked and gain an even worse loss record?

    Its not the fans leaving that affected your team JC! It’s your clubs management, and your own lack of ability to motivate in that toxic environment! JC, you may be a great coach, but never at NUFC as things stand. Arsene Wenger would not get more than one win from our last 5 games with the situation we have here.

  • Mint

    Apr 24, 2015 at 9:21 AM

    Comment #5


    YES! they say to protect him, thats why he doesnt play. B0110X.

  • one fine day

    Apr 24, 2015 at 9:30 AM

    Comment #6

    Not sure if anyone has linked this already earlier so apologies if they have.
    Bit of support from ours course brothers
    Really like the idea of not one wonga shirt visible in the crowd
    Well those unfortunate to have bought one in the first place .
    Maybe take it further and the Ashley out lads can produce a sticker to perfectly cover the hideous blue logo.
    What better way to show the salad dodger who really runs nufc?
    If we don’t like the ethics of who sponsor we will sponsor ourselves and free of charge to 🙂

  • one fine day

    Apr 24, 2015 at 9:31 AM

    Comment #7

    Scouse. Brothers. Giggles spell check

  • one fine day

    Apr 24, 2015 at 9:33 AM

    Comment #8

    Even grrr was corrected to giggles ffs oh I’ll get me coat

  • nufc 11

    Apr 24, 2015 at 10:29 AM

    Comment #9

    I wonder would it be so fantastic if we are away to Bristol City in the championship can just see the fans crying tears of joy.

  • Obertan's better than Messi

    Apr 24, 2015 at 11:23 AM

    Comment #10

    I’d take playing Bristol City if we were playing slug-free.

  • toonluvva

    Apr 24, 2015 at 3:19 PM

    Comment #11

    we have heard about the huge losses made by Tesco. Who would have thought that possible just a few years ago.

    M&S have also had their share of profits warnings too. You couldn’t get a bigger brand than M&S at one time.

    You never know, perhaps SportsDirect might be the next to hit hard times. Hopefully that might just press Mr Ashley to relinquish control of NUFC while he spends his time sorting out SD.

    Here’s hoping!


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