Doubters Tell John Carver He Isn’t Good Enough

John Carver did meet with a couple of young Newcastle fans this morning, who had hurled some negative criticism (he called it abuse) at the interim head coach at the game last Saturday against Swansea when we were losing 3-1, and the two young men have spoken to the Chronicle about what they told Carver today, and what his reaction was.

john carver - up close

John Carver – nowhere near good enough

The two fans were Allen O’Connell and Thomas Concannon,  and Carver said he was anxious to explain to them what he was trying to do.

We are interested too in what he is trying to do, because the performances on the pitch are simply awful so out players may be great in training as John has said, but they have been hopeless when it really matters in games.

This is what 22 year-old O’Connell said after the meeting:

“We told him he wasn’t good enough as a manager, we didn’t say the actual words because that would be disrespectful, but we said the club wasn’t doing well and that’s down to the manager.” (well  that’s close enough)

“He took everything we said on the chin and was good about it but we told him how unhappy we are with the club, so he knows.” “We didn’t hold anything back, we told him what we thought.”

“He admitted his team aren’t good enough because of injuries. He said he had money to spend next season but would walk if they couldn’t buy any new players. He said he sympathized with us.”

“He didn’t actually say that he wanted to be manager next season, but you could just tell that he wants it.”  “But he did say he would still be at the club in some capacity – no matter what.”

John Carver is nowhere near good enough to be the next Newcastle head coach, and let’s hope we can avoid relegation this season and then Mike Ashley has a change of heart.

Rather than going with the safe choice like a Steve McClaren or even sticking with John Carver (why would he ever do that?), maybe we can be given a shot of enthusiasm and some ambition and the club can bring in a top coach from the continent like Spanish coach Paco Jemez – as one example.

Fans are not happy because for one thing we are in poor form in losing seven games on the trot – the worst run in the league since back in 1978.

When will it ever end?


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  • NezzaNUFC

    May 1, 2015 at 10:37 PM

    Comment #1

    How come every time we are linked with any manager/head coach these links seem to happen?

    Here’s some statements from the author and he should be looking into other facts about him.

    “In the 2013/14 season, Rayo finished 12th in the table, but Paco was given the full season to work at the club due to their expectations of relegation. Thus, he overachieved, but some of the performances his team put in were dreadful, and at Newcastle that would cost him his job.”

    It didn’t cost Pardew his job and Rayo have a much weaker side than us.

    “They went on a run of six straight defeats at the beginning of the campaign, conceding 21 goals, because they never tried to be conservative. They frequently lost games by more than three goals, and although they would be dominating possession against everyone – including a game in which they held the ball more than Barcelona – they frequently lost – that Barca game was a 6-0 defeat.”

    Again basically the same statistics as Pardew and don’t forget Rayo were favourites to be relegated since they are the weakest team in the league.

    “Even yesterday, with Rayo leading Valencia 1-0, and close to securing what would be an impressive three points, they continuously attacked rather than trying to hold onto their lead. On 66 minutes, with their full-backs still in the attacking third, Rayo had a defender sent off for a last man challenge that he was force to commit due to have no cover ahead of him. Valencia scored the resulting free-kick to claim the draw.”

    Against Valencia that’s pretty impressive result with only 10 men.

    “There is no stability with Paco, and Newcastle need that more than anything at the moment. They need results ahead of entertainment now, and there is no guaranteeing that Paco can bring that.”

    This made me laugh only because he’s been at Rayo for 3 seasons, we had Pardew for 4-5 and look how that turned out.

    “A coach needs to come in who can sort out the squad he inherits, bringing strong defensive strength and order to his team, and secured a mid-table finish.”

    Emm Paco did this with Rayo with defenders even worse than Willo but he managed to over achieve with Rayo.

  • Jesus1983

    May 1, 2015 at 11:24 PM

    Comment #2

    Why would Paco Jemez be a better option than Steve McLaren? Because he has a fancy name?

    If McLaren was foreign all Newcastle fans would be going mad for him.


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