It’s Time For Newcastle To Get Their Act Together At All Levels

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The news is coming through that Ryan Taylor and Jonas Gutierrez were informed their contracts were not being renewed by a phone call from interim coach John Carver.

John Carver spoke to Ryan first, and then asked him to pass his cell phone to Jonas – so he could tell the Argentine his contract wasn’t being renewed.

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Jonas Gutierrez and Ryan Taylor

Both these players had almost seven years each at the club, and both have been through hell and high water off the pitch over the last two years or so – and this is a shabby way to tell them their careers were up at Newcastle.

It’s Ryan Taylor who has revealed  how he got the news:

“John Carver rang me and told me the club weren’t going to offer me a new deal.”

“I then had a chat with him, he’s a good friend of mine. I’ve spent a lot of time with John in and out of the club.” ‘So I had a chat with him and then he asked me to pass the phone to Jonas, which was unbelievable.”

“He was made to do it, he obviously was upset in doing it. I spoke to him and he seemed upset about telling two good pros who have been there a long time that it’s come to an end.”

“I can’t really blame John because he’s under instructions on what to do.'”

Jonas wasn’t too pleased with either Alan Pardew or Mike Ashley for the way they treated him as we was literally fighting for his life with testicular cancer – so this was not a good way to sign off at Newcastle.

Jonas has since become a Newcastle legend with his performance in that last game (I’m still staggered what Jonas has been able to achieve this year) – had this to say to Sky Sports after he got the news:

“I didn’t expect to get offered a new contract but it’s not about that, you have to move on,”  “The more important thing is that they can pick up a phone and call me or call my agent and say, ‘Listen, thank you for everything, we are going to release you’.”

“That is more the way to do it.'”

Jonas is right – it’s hard to argue with what he says.

And Newcastle youngster Adam Campbell only found out that he was being released, after seeing it on Twitter – as his girlfriend revealed last week.

Adam’s girlfriend Rosie Moorhouse claimed the player only found out about the bad news after reading it on Twitter, and she said Adam hasn’t been told officially he has been released.

That’s not good.

It’s about time Newcastle got their act together at all management levels at the club – and maybe that statement from Lee Charnley on the Newcastle web-site thanking Ryan and Jonas for their contributions to the club, was a belated effort to make up for the shabby way they were told their contracts were not being renewed.

It’s not a pleasant thing to do when you are a manager and have to tell people their contracts are not being renewed or they are being laid off – but it’s all part of the job.

The person responsible for this lack of professionalism is Lee Charnley, and it seems to us having watched how Lee has operated over these last six month he has no experience at all of management.

Lee needs to get Newcastle working a lot more professionally at all levels of the club – and it’s his job to ensure players are informed in a courteous and professional way that’s fitting for a great club like Newcastle United.

These things need to be done face to face, however hard it is for the person delivering the message,

They should remember it’s not too pleasant for the person receiving the message either.

Comments welcome.

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