Newcastle To Play In The Beer Capital Of The World

There’s some news coming through from the Milwaukee Brewers,  that Newcastle United will be playing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 14th and it looks like it’s a game against Atlas FC – a Mexican side.

The news was sent out on the Brewers Twitter feed.

Miller Park 0001

Miller Park – home of the Brewers

There’s nothing yet from Newcastle on this, so we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves, but one thing Lee Charnley has to do is to arrange some pre-season fixture,  and Newcastle were supposed to be in a tournament with Swansea City in Dallas in July – but we withdrew from that and then the tournament was cancelled.

It does seem the Magpies want to come over to the US again his summer, after the adventures of 2011,  where the players did a lot of travelling and found out just how hot and humid it is in the states in the summer.

Milwaukee is famous for its beer,  and is known as the beer capital of the world – and is the home to a number of American brands including Pabst, Schlitz, and Miller – which the stadium is named after – and the baseball team is named the Milwaukee Brewers – they don’t have an MLS team.

It reminds us when the Newcastle Breweries were straight across Barrack Road from St James’ Park, and you could smell the Newcastle Brown Ale – and that’s one reason our lads did so well in the 1950’s – winning three FA Cups in 1951, 1952 and 1955 – the smell of beer inspired them.



It will be interesting to see where the tour will be this summer and whether more games will be arranged in the US – but it’s leaving it late to get something arranged, and that has to be a priority – once we get a new head coach in this week.

Milwaukee is in the far north of  the US, and is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan – and it’s freezing cold in the winter.

milwaukee map

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