There’s Strong Internal Support For McClaren At Newcastle

The Guardian is reporting there is still strong internal support for Steve McClaren at Newcastle, and we assume that’s coming in the main from from Chief Scout (Director of Football?) Graham Carr, who knows Steve well and has been pushing for him to get the job all year – since Alan Pardew left the club.


Steve McClaren – strong internal support at Newcastle

It looks like the top two contenders are McClaren and Manchester City U21 coach Patrick Vieira,  who has excited the Newcastle fans and in our poll between the two, Patrick got 97% of the vote so it tells the Newcastle Board who the fans want.

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But it could be that Steve McClaren was always the top choice at Newcastle, ever since Alan Pardew left quickly by the back door after the Everton game.

This is bolstered by a report  in the Telegraph which  basically says Steve is the number one choice and Patrick Vieira  may not even get an interview for the job this week.

Steve McClaren is said to be wanted for his coaching abilities, which is what the hierarchy sees as the main job of the new head coach.

Transfers into and out of the club are handled by Graham Carr with Charnley being the person who does the actual negotiations, and the coach has little say on transfers.

We’ve said before that any good coach who wants to be successful will not abide by these strict rules in place at Newcastle, where the head coach has little power to determine who comes into the squad – and good players can be sold at any time.

And that seems to be true for Patrick Vieira – who wants to be given the tools to succeed at Newcastle – before he would accept the job on Tyneside.

It seems that rather than get a person like Patrick Vieira in – who has great potential and could attract some top players to Newcastle – and give us some much needed success – the Newcastle hierarchy are more intent on keeping their (failed) system in place, where the head coach has only muted powers.

Steve McClaren is said to be willing to abide by those rules.

If McClaren does get the job at Newcastle, he’s probably been the number one choice with the hierarchy ever since Alan Pardew left – and it will mean there will be little change in the way the club is  run – and we cannot see how we can win anything in the near future with this structure and policies.

The fact that Steve turned us down twice this year doesn’t seem to stand for anything either.

Over the eight seasons Mike Ashley has owned the club, we have had only one top nine finish (5th), been relegated once, and come perilously close to another relegation two times in the last three seasons.

Why keep the system in place that produced those results?

If Steve McClaren is given the job,  it will be yet another terrible decision made this year by the club, and nothing will have changed.

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