It’s Either McClaren Or Carver For Head Coach – So Disappointing

This could turn out to be a very bad week for Newcastle United,  as it appears the club wants to stick with their failed stricture and system.

Sky Sports has reported that Patrick Vieira is out of the running, presumably because for one thing he would want more control in who comes into the club during the transfer windows.

john carver at QPR

John Carver – will be interviewed for head coach position
Hint to John – don’t talk about your record

Lee Charnley and Graham Carr do the real transfer business at the club, and while the head coach can have some input into the process, Graham Carr is really the person who is acting like a Director of Football and he is the real decider.

The latest news from Sky Sports is that Newcastle will now speak to John Carver about the head coach position, and they have also verified that Patrick Vieira is out of the running for the job, as we mentioned at the start.

Why John Carver is even being considered after his record this year in 20 games, when he nearly had the club relegated – is beyond us – but Newcastle these days don’t seem to be logical at all.

They seem to be parochial and want to keep those already at the club in place,  even after they show they are not very good – as was the case with John Carver this year.

How can we ever be successful with that kind of thinking at the club?

This is Carver’s record at Newcastle.

FA Cup100101-1

Lee Charnley and company seem to want to continue with the policies Mike Ashley has put in place .which have been shown again and again not to work.

Mike Ashley has said he will allow Lee Charnley to make the head coach decision, but if the Managing Director comes up with McClaren and/or John Carver the fans will not like that – and Mike should move in if it looks like Lee’s reaching that decision.

Yes – the owner will allow Lee Charnley to make the decision as long as it’s the right one.


After all Charnley reports to Mike Ashley directly, and Lee should now be on uncertain ground after he did absolutely nothing to prevent Newcastle being relegated over the final three months of the season.

Charnley seems to be inexperienced in executive management and what managers are supposed to do in times of crisis..

And while Steve McClaren is said to be a good coach – if we had a choice between McClaren and Alan Pardew we’d probably take Alan Pardew – because he had some great results against the top sides in England.

How an appointment of Steve McClaren – who’s been sacked many times as a manager – can be appointed at Newcastle we have no idea – although he is friends with Graham Carr.

This could be a very bad week for Newcastle fans – because we’d be in the same situation where money is king and there’s no ambition – well at least no ambition to appoint a really good head coach who is known throughout the football world.

This is all very disappointing for Newcastle fans everywhere.

One last hope is that somebody else may be interviewed this week – maybe Remi Garde or Michael Laudrup – and they could still get the job – but it’s not looking good from the outside.

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