It’s Stunning What Newcastle Are About To Do

If all the reports coming through today are true – then it’s really hard to believe what Newcastle United are about to do – especially after we were almost relegated for the second time in three seasons – and even though some very good coaches available it seems that the staid minds running Newcastle will keep with their first choice after Alan Pardew left the club in January.

That first choice was Steve McClaren, who has since been fired by Derby County after the championship side fell away badly in their fight for promotion in the final two months of the season.

steve mcclaren

Steve McClaren – during one of Derby’s games this year
They collapsed in the final months of the season and finished 8th
Steve was fired a week ago – but is still good enough for Newcastle
If he looks like this managing Derby what’s he going to be like managing Newcastle?

And as we go after a manager who wasn’t good enough for a Championship side last season,  it seems that John Carver will continue as the assistant manager at Newcastle, after he almost took the club down with 13 defeats in 20 games he managed at Newcastle – but hey – he’s good enough for Newcastle.

And in addition to that,  the news on Sky Sports today is that John Carver is being interviewed for the head coach position at the club.

Only Newcastle would think this way – and a Steve McClaren – John Carver partnership – is what they wanted when Alan Pardew walked out of the club in late December.

It could even be John Carver who gets the job – heaven forbid.

And even after the terrible scare we had of almost being relegated – and  after Mike Ashley was scared enough about the situation to actually agree to being interviewed on Sky Sports – the club is still going ahead with what will look to fans like a terrible, uninspiring  appointment.

To appoint Steve McClaren as head coach seems to show the club still has no ambitions of fighting for a top six position in the Premier League – whatever Mike Ashley said nine days ago.

Steve  may not be good enough for Derby County and a number of other ordinary clubs in Europe he’s managed and been fired from – but he’s good enough for this Newcastle – probably because he will not rock the boat.

And while fans wanted Carver fired after eight defeats in a row,  it looks like he’s going to keep his position at the club as assistant manager.

That’s even though fans have been turned off the Geordie coach,  by not only his poor coaching this year, but his rather naive and stupid comments he made in his press interviews.

He was often an embarrassment to the Newcastle United Football club with the statements he made.

Only Newcastle could come up with this bizarre decision, after all that’s happened this year.

Will they never learn from their  mistakes?

Probably not.

It’s stunning that Newcastle could be announcing this decision later this week – so detached (and unaware?) do they seem to be from what their fans really want.

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