I Don’t Blame The Fans – I Blame The Players

Paul Dummett has told some home truths in the interview he has given in the Chronicle today and like the rest of us, he’s happy and even upbeat because we just managed to avoid relegation.

If we had gone down things right now would have been  almost unbearable – let’s change that – it would have been unbearable.

paul dummett west ham

Paul Dummett in action in final game

Newcastle would have missed out on some massive money in the Premier League, which can be used to help build Newcastle into a top six side again in England.

This is some of what Paul has said today and he’s talking initially about the Anita breakaway after about 83 minutes, when we had four players on the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper won – and we missed the chance to kill the game and go 2-0 up:

“I was just thinking ‘please score’ and when he gave it away I was like ‘oh no’ because I thought it could kill us.” “I didn’t really know the Hull score. I was thinking if they’re winning and we draw we could be in trouble.”

“Anita was thinking the same thing and he told me after the game that he thought it could have cost us.” “In the end it was written in the stars for Jonas to score that goal because of everything he’s been through.”

“The fans were the loudest they have been all season.” “Even when we came out to warm up you could hear them.”

“It’s something we haven’t had for a long while, but I can’t blame them because we haven’t been putting performances in on the pitch.”

“This club should never be in the position we have been for the last three months.”  “I think us as players have got ourselves to blame.”

“Luckily, we haven’t gone down and we need to build in the summer with new players and make sure we don’t get in this position anymore.”

“We have got a big summer with new players.” “There are a few players out of contract so there will be players to replace.” “Hopefully they will bring good players in to help us.”

“I am a Geordie, as are Jack, John Carver and Tayls and we know what it meant.”  “Had we gone down and been relegated John would never have lived it down.” (he may still  not live down what he did in those 20 games of shame)

“As a player I would never have wanted relegation. It would have hung over us all summer and you would not have enjoyed any holiday.”

“The main focus was survival and now we look at next season.”

The main focus is certainly next season and we really need to have a very good transfer season this summer.

But fans could suffer another let down this week since it seems Newcastle are not interested in any other coach than Steve McClaren with  John Carver as the assistant manager.

Think on the bright sire – he’s at least a lot better than John Carver (but probably not as good as Alan Pardew).

What a staid, unambitious and boring decision that would be – yet another one from the top executive at the club who seems to have no ambition whatsoever.

It’s all so very sad.

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