Mike Ashley To Shake Up The Board At Newcastle

The Mirror is reporting rather sensationally that Mike Ashley will quit Newcastle, but what they are really reporting is the he will be quitting the Board – even though he is not officially on the Newcastle Board.

Mike had said the appointment of the new manager and the recruitment of the players is the responsibility of the Football Board, as he called it, and that’s not what he does, he provides the funds.

So officially he was never part of the Board but provided the finances to run the club.

worried looking mike ashley yesterday

Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley at the final game

The real news seems to be he will reshape the Football Board as he calls it – and if that’s true it wouldn’t be a surprise with the complete incompetence in the way Newcastle has been run since last Christmas.

That almost got us sensationally relegated a couple of weeks ago, when we seemed as safe as houses at Christmas.

The Mirror is reporting that two new Directors will be put in place, and in any case we have to replace John Irving, the Finance Director – so they had to bring at least one new Director in.

But we’ll have to see if Lee Charnley stays on as the top executive at the club, because Ashley must have been shocked that we got so close to being relegated and he admitted in his interview to Sky Sports that he was shocked we were in the position we were in two weeks ago.

Since Lee Charnley runs the club for him, he is the man responsible for the debacle of this year,  after Alan Pardew left the club.

Here’s Mike Ashley interview with David Craig of Sky Sports of two weeks ago.


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