Shearer – Congratulations And Good Luck Steve

There are a lot of people associated with Newcastle getting right behind our new head coach Steve McClaren, and we’ve just watched the nufcTV interview Steve has given, and he’s an impressive guy, and extremely professional.

Steve said something that’s really important – his success and failures in the past have been learning experiences – and you will always get better and improve if you can only learn from those experiences – so hes got a real good attitude about things – and extremely positive and professional.

steve mcclaren nufc 5

A smiling Steve McClaren at St. James’ Park today

And we all know that Steve has had a lot of difficult times in management up to this point, including his England manager tenure, which he smiled about when it was mentioned in the interview,  but he’s a person who knows just exactly what he’s got himself into, and what’s expected of him at Newcastle.

His remit for next season is to finish in the top eight in the Premier League and try to win a trophy.

We cannot get anywhere near winning the Premier League anytime soon, so Alan Shearer tweeted this to Steve after the announcement  – which came around 6:00 pm tonight

McClaren talked about  the Newcastle structure being nothing new to him, and that things that need to be done at a football club these days were just too much for the old way of doing things – where the manager did everything.

Steve said he was very happy to be doing what he does best – coaching.

The 54 year-old was on the Board of Directors at FC Twente,  when he coached them to their first ever Dutch Championship back in 2010.

We already knew Steve was a loyal guy and he stressed that he wanted to remain loyal to Derby County and finish the job and get them promoted, and that was probably in reference to him turning down Newcastle more than once this year.

But now he said his loyalty is to Newcastle, and he wants to be successful at the club and while he’s on a three year initial deal, that can be lengthened to eight years, presumably if he makes a good start to his career at Newcastle.

We hope that’s exactly what he does – the only thing we want to see is a successful Newcastle United side on the pitch.

We don’t care who the owner is, who the top executive is,  or who the head coach is – we just want Newcastle United to be successful again – and if this team can do it – great!

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