Huge Surprise – Poll Results – Can McClaren Be Successful?

We put out a poll early today on whether Newcastle fans think Steve McClaren can be successful at Newcastle, given his remit of finishing in the top eight in the Premier League – and trying to win a Cup.

We expected at best the result to be a 50-50 split since our other poll on whether fans wanted Steve as the head coach was not in Steve’s favor, and 70% were against him joining Newcastle.

steve mcclaren nufc smiling

Steve McClaren – a good shot of Steve taken yesterday

But surprise, surprise, at the time of writing a massive 87%  think Steve can be successful on Tyneside – that’s a huge surprise to us.

We can only think that Steve with his interviews, down to earth realism and truthfulness has swayed a few fans since there’s

There’s only one vote per reader and only 2,000 votes in to date, and we are trying to get a very large cross-section of fans – so please vote if you haven’t already done so.

Can Steve McClaren Be Successful At Newcastle?

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