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Newcastle Can Be A Top Club In Europe – We Must Pull Together

2:44 pm, Thursday, June 11th, 2015 by Dr. Ed Harrison · 81 Comments

Newcastle head coach Steve McClaren has  said today on BBC Newcastle that the club can become one of the top 10 clubs in Europe, but he has stressed that everybody associated with the club must be pulling in the same direction – all rowing in the same direction so to speak.

steve mcclaren nufc 6

Steve McClaren is there somewhere

Steve took over yesterday and said all the right things – but the real change at Newcastle is that from Mike Ashley down – there is now a will to win a trophy – to win something – which we haven’t done since way back in 1969 – 46 years ago and the goal now is to break that streak.

Steve has won two trophies in his career – the League Cup in 2004 with Middlesbrough (their first every trophy)  and the Dutch championship with FC Twente in 2010 (their only Dutch Championship in their history).

Steve’s also the first head coach at Newcastle to have won a trophy in his career since the great Sir Bobby Robson was in charge from 1999 through 2004 when Bobby had us in the Champions League twice in that time.

This is some of what Steve McClaren has said to BBC Newcastle today:

“”Speak to anyone in football, they’ll say ‘Newcastle United, what a big club'”  “It can be in the top 10 in Europe, it has the ability to do that.”” That’s the aim, the dream of everybody,”

“We had that dream at Middlesbrough, when we came in and we achieved it, we need to achieve it.” “We only achieved that by everyone being together, getting everyone in the right direction and winning things is a long process.”

There were some positives yesterday that we didn’t expect, including a new Board of Directors which seems a step up from the old Board.

Former Newcastle striker Mick Quinn also called Steve a “clever guy” – and we know what Mick means – McClaren seems to have loads of common sense, and hopefully he will complete his coaching team very soon.

Some of our Newcastle players may even be excited to return to a club that seems to have got some of its ambition back – after eight years under Mike Ashley.

That has to be a huge positive at Newcastle, whatever you think of the owner.

Can Steve McClaren Be Successful At Newcastle?

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81 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Slank // Jun 11, 2015 at 2:47 PM



    Yes I agree that Englishness is largely irrelevant.

    The Premiership teams that have won the league title and cups have been made up of mixed nationalities.

    The key is the head coach/manager getting them to gel together and work as a unit and giving them the confidence and determination to win matches.

  • 2 SuperShearer // Jun 11, 2015 at 2:49 PM

    I like what McClaren is saying but he needs the club to put their backing behind his words and loosen the purse strings, until we have the players to compete with a top ten finish it’s all just PR. I’ll back him to the hilt but I need to owner to prove his track record thus far is a thing of nightmares rather than the operating procedure.

  • 3 swemag // Jun 11, 2015 at 2:53 PM

    Looking forward to our first signing. Hope we have a few by early next week.

  • 4 hibbit // Jun 11, 2015 at 2:55 PM

    Mc….first the staff then players then we see ……….this lot will hang you out to dry just for fun ……..they can not be trusted

  • 5 Tsunki // Jun 11, 2015 at 2:57 PM

    The club still behaves according to the SD remit of secrecy and skulduggery by the look. Let’s see just how much the ‘new look’ coaching team gets support in the way of transfers, and if Mclaren carries on the propaganda spewing that Carver took over from pardew.

  • 6 Toon toon b&w army // Jun 11, 2015 at 2:58 PM

    I’m sure souness won trophies too before he came to the too.
    And he worked out to be a good manager for us, NOT.

  • 7 Toon-Prodigy // Jun 11, 2015 at 2:59 PM


    I’v really touched a nerve here havn’t I? Lol.

    I suppose we are just going to have to wait and see if it benefits our squad or not, NUFC are looking to build a more English base within the squad according to McClaren.

    No, I wouldn’t knock back those players, not at all, but we could never get them also, we get a Gouffran, Sissoko and Cabella.

    Austin and Ince I’d take as a decent start to the rebuild, but there needs to be more brought in also.

  • 8 NezzaNUFC // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:08 PM

    Ince on the left is quick and has skills to go past people and deliver good on target crosses and on the right he acts like an inside forward using his pace and dribbling skills, he only needs to work o his finishing.

    Hell yeah get this young lad through ASAP in fact let them have Obertan for free

  • 9 ToonFromLeeds // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:15 PM

    We are 1/5 to sign Austin & 3/1 to sign townsend

  • 10 richyg01 // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:20 PM

    Links to Dutch players or Dutch League players cropping up all over.

    ITV are linking us to Georginio Wijnaldum

  • 11 barkel // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:25 PM

    We’ve been linked to Wijnaldum for a couple of months now. If I was to believe any of the rumours, based on what went on yesterday, SSN and the Mirror will be closet the mark .. In my opinion

  • 12 Toon-Prodigy // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:27 PM

    If Ince comes in it could be to compete with Sammy or replace him or Gouffran.

    I’d take Townsend aswell, canny shout.

  • 13 ~A Riviere of Goals~ // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:36 PM

    I’d sell Tiote to boost transfer funds and work Bigri back into the team.

    Tiote is forever a liability.

  • 14 JackButler // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:37 PM

    Todays vote is

    Can Steve McClaren Be Successful At Newcastle?

    The answer is Yes, as long as he’s backed and allowed to bring in the quality we are in desperate need of

  • 15 Blackley and Brownlie // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:40 PM

    You rate McClaren based on his record. His record is a mixed bag.

  • 16 davetoon // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:42 PM

    People have short memories. Tiote is one fo our very few genuine internationals. The starting defensive midfielder of the African champions.
    If he can regain his form prior to Pardew telling him to calm down and stop getting yellow cards, he could be our best player again

  • 17 richyg01 // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:42 PM

    Derby have a buyout clause as part of the Ince loan deal, so will need to wait and see if they move I guess.

  • 18 JackButler // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:44 PM


    Agree 100%, Tiote on form is a class player and we are desperatley short of class at this point in time and we need to keep him and move out the likes of Colo

  • 19 ToonFromLeeds // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:49 PM

    I’d take Ince

  • 20 shaun__ // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:51 PM

    Sorry…how were Middlesbrough top ten in Europe!?

  • 21 JackButler // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:54 PM

    Bas Dost, Austin, Ince would be a great start to the summer, but two center half’s are a must as we are woeful with captain Colo, Willo and the treatment room sqwatter Saylor

  • 22 lochinvar // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:54 PM

    Newcastle Can Be A Top Club In Europe – We Must Pull Together
    2:44 pm, Thursday, June 11th, 2015 by Dr. Ed Harrison

    Incorrect statement.

    We are a Top Club in Europe – just that we haven’t been behaving like one !

  • 23 archaeomag // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:55 PM

    I think that scoring a goal from a corner would be a more realistic ambition for a Newcastle Coach.

  • 24 Belfast // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:56 PM

    Why did he get an injunction to stop something that’s already been widely reported in the media ?

    “In fact, despite the loyalty of the Rangers fans seeing £7.6m spent on retail in the year covered by the accounts, the club’s share of that spending is a paltry £590k. That means that for every £10 spent by Rangers fans on merchandise, the club receives only around 75p. The accounts also reveal that Rangers Retail has an obligation to purchase stock at a higher price than it is able to be sold at.

    “In the second half of the year covered by the accounts it appears that the portion of profit due to the club is an unbelievable £2k.

    “For comparative purposes, the much maligned JJB agreement, our previous retail deal, made the club a minimum of £4.8m a year over the term of the deal, over 8x the amount we are making from Sports Direct.

    “Crucially, it is also not clear whether the club has yet received a penny of the £590k it is due or whether it is still retained within Rangers Retail. Indeed, from inception it would appear that the club has only received £100k in dividends from the venture with Sports Direct. Mr Ashley has loaned money to strengthen his stranglehold over our commercial operations whilst funds due to the club through Rangers Retail, over which Sports Direct has effective control, are retained.”

  • 25 davetoon // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:56 PM

    This is our current squad’s international status.
    Starters: Tiote
    Squad: Janmaat, Krul, Cisse, Sissoko, Cabella(?)

  • 26 lochinvar // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:57 PM

    Bit of a distraction this with all our other news but BBC reports:

    Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct has won a court injunction against Rangers disclosing confidential information about its retail deal with the club.
    It prevents Rangers revealing details of their contract to an extraordinary meeting of the Championship club called by Ashley and being held on Friday.
    The Newcastle United owner and Rangers shareholder asked for the EGM to force the club to pay back a £5m loan.
    Sports Direct was also awarded costs of £20,000 at the Royal Courts of Justice.

  • 27 hibbit // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:58 PM

    the list of players grows longer by the hour can we get them across the line…………. at this moment i am more interested in the quality of the staff Mc brings in…. quality coaches are a must to improve any club

  • 28 ToonFromLeeds // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:58 PM

    Gateshead following in Newcastle’s footsteps, they’ve released their GK by twitter!!

  • 29 BigB75 // Jun 11, 2015 at 3:59 PM

    the positive flo on the blog is great..hoping it all turns out like we hope!!!! excited, but feeling like the rug is going to get pulled!

  • 30 ToonFromLeeds // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:00 PM

    sorry GK Coach

  • 31 barkel // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:02 PM


    Although most of these usually pull out with injury

    Elliot – Irish back up
    Dummett – Welsh back up
    Fergie – N.I. starter
    Abeid – Algerian back up

  • 32 JackButler // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:03 PM

  • 33 JackButler // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:05 PM

    TICKET ALERT: Season ticket prices for United’s 2015/16 campaign have been frozen.

    (Please buy one as otherwise Lee Charnley will be Billy No Mates in an empty stadium)

  • 34 davetoon // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:05 PM

    @barkel true but at least 2 of them are halfway out the door and for some reason they are trying to force Abeid out also
    Still I think my point stands that Cisse is our only true international at the moment but hopefully Janmaat gets back into Hiddinks first team again

  • 35 davetoon // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    *sorry was sposed to say Tiote 😛

  • 36 will die for the toon army // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:07 PM

    Waiting for the back room staff. I wonder why wasn’t Woodman fired. Did he say he will leave with his son or what?

  • 37 Belfast // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:09 PM

    They are obviously looking compensation for Woodman. Because they know Crystal Palace want him. So instead of having to pay Woodmans contract up, Crystal Palace pay them.

  • 38 vipgreek // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:09 PM

    Well you first need to buy players and pay the going rate, if you look for bargains chances are its not going to gel and as history has it Mike Ashley isnt one for spending money in developing the squad with depth and quality. I would have to say that the movie MONEYBALL is Mike Ashley’s favourite

  • 39 Belfast // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:10 PM

    Charmless using his brain for once

  • 40 davis_toons // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:22 PM

    Move Colo Out and who’s suppose to come in ? Staylor?

  • 41 JackButler // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:26 PM


    you move Colo out and bring two proven center half’s

  • 42 ilovetoon8788 // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:31 PM

    Apparently we only have 40m in the bank. Pathetic amount for investment. Bet it includes wages as well.

  • 43 davis_toons // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:33 PM

    Do you think Ashley will do that?

    You are saying placing 1 for 2…(was that p4p?) hopefully for this hype now he will do it…(but no chance, bro)

  • 44 barkel // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:35 PM


    Which 2 proven CBs do you think we could get in?

  • 45 davis_toons // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:36 PM

    We really need a Big Strong Defender and a good winger (to replace Jonas). That will be good.

  • 46 davis_toons // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:37 PM

    Ryan Shawcross for no.1

  • 47 toonincheek // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:37 PM

    richy –

    It wouyld be interesting to see how the buyout clause for Ince is worded.
    Derby may have that option – but would Ince be FORCED to sign a contract with Derby?

  • 48 ilovetoon8788 // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:40 PM

    Tom ince Bamford,..

    Why are we filling our squad like we are in the championship.

  • 49 Lee Charnley Bunga Party // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:42 PM


    Lascalles to replace Williamson
    Dummett to replace Saylor
    Chester to add squad depth
    Mings , Garbutt or Byram to add competition for Haidara
    Vlaar or Richards to replace Colo

    Quite like the idea of Ince would be a massive upgrade on Obertan and Gouffran

  • 50 barkel // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:44 PM


    Would Shawcross leave what’s looking like an ambitious Stoke squad where he is captain?

    I think Colo is still a good player, just needs a bit of motivation. I think the captaincy is too much for him though.


    I don’t think a player can be forced to sign for anyone, I think with the buy out clause just gives Derby first option at an agreed price .. I think

  • 51 Essex Geordie Bill // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:45 PM


    Van Dost, someone already made the point that he was playing in a team that that was laying on loads of chances. I reckon Riviere would probably have scored as many for them. What was Chelsea thinking of letting DeBruyne go?

    Tom Ince, Will Hughes, Nathan Redmond are names we could be linked with, all good prospects but what’s our chances of getting them? Unlikely IMO!

  • 52 YouCouldn'tMakeItUp // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:46 PM


    Im and upgrade on those 2! 😀

  • 53 YouCouldn'tMakeItUp // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:46 PM

    And = an *

  • 54 Thump // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:49 PM

    Can he be a success Ed? Of course he can. But Carver, Pardew, Hughton, et al. could have been a success. McClaren is in a somewhat unique position in that it depends entirely on who comes in and how he handles them. Apparently he has a say, so maybe we’re onto something with him.

    That said, I don’t think he will by virtue of those above him.

  • 55 Average_Contents // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:50 PM

    Ince? As in Ince who couldn’t get into a piss poor hull team when he signed on? No thanks. I think he’s found his level in the championship tbh. First blackpool then derby. When he’s attempted to step up a level he’s not performed and I think that’s why Liverpool got rid in the first place and sold to Blackpool.

    Obviously who knows he might come good with the correct coaching.

    One thing I did take from him and his dad hawking him around and delaying a decision like he was hazard, was it seems he thinks he’s made it and his dad thought the same. Believed in the hype and expected everything. Just my feelings about it of course. He could be the nicest lad in the world

  • 56 ToonFromLeeds // Jun 11, 2015 at 4:56 PM

    Berahino again

  • 57 NezzaNUFC // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:08 PM

    Let’s bring in Dede as 1 of the CB

  • 58 NezzaNUFC // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:11 PM

    Hold on a minute what’s with the apparent 40 million in transfer money?

    32-34 million in the bank plus 18 million profit doesn’t add to 40 million?

    Am I missing something here.

  • 59 YouCouldn'tMakeItUp // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:12 PM

    I might get shot down for this because hull are relegated, but i would still take Dawson as one of our CBs

  • 60 YouCouldn'tMakeItUp // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:14 PM

    I really dont get how Jagielka gets a game ahead of him for England

  • 61 beermonkey // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:15 PM


    I agree I don’t think we should be looking at ince just yet
    we know we need a decent striker up front and defenders at the back
    but until McLaren has had a bit of time to see what we have already buying ince could be a waste

    what I would like to see as soon as pos striker and defenders in and over the line

    then towards august he should know who he wants in the team and who he doesn’t we can the get what he needs

  • 62 toon22 // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:19 PM

    Hope this summer isnt just another summer of “couldnt get him over the line”

    Atm its all a load of words from the latest stooge.

    Come the start of the season we will see just how much they actually do.
    Nice cheap words dont change anything for me.

  • 63 NezzaNUFC // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:19 PM

    Also if indeed we are after Austin and bas as our strikers we need to sell Cisse, Gouffran and Riv because 40 million won’t be enough to strengthen our squad.

    Austin price is 15 million and that’s not including agent fees and signing on fee so it could add up to about 20 million in total meaning we have 20 million left.

  • 64 YouCouldn'tMakeItUp // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:21 PM

    As for the vote…. yes, he CAN, but it still depends on if he is backed or not. He will also need to return to his form from his first twente spell.

  • 65 Belfast // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:23 PM

    Nobody knows how much there is to spend apart from those on the “football board”

    I’ve read 40 million, 50 million and 60 million. They’re all making it up.

  • 66 Pop n Wyn // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:23 PM

    Saylor, just sail away on a slow boat to siberia, had enough of u Hollywood!

  • 67 SUTTY1978 // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:24 PM

    Nezza, the 34m in the bank was at the end of June last year, like 12 months ago, where do you think the money came from for the 37m we spent last summer, that’s it, it’s gone. Can’t understand why people persist in thinking that we’re utterly flush with cash, it’s not the case. Also the 18m profit was obviously within the 34m cash at bank figure, you can’t just add random figures together and then wonder why we aren’t spending 60m and sit there asking “where’s the money gone?”!

  • 68 Riviere Run Dry // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:24 PM

    Convinced we’ll try sign Richards to play CB.

    McClaren obviously likes him, he gave him his England debut and today Ugo Ehiogu saying McClaren likes a CB with pace. The guy by all accounts is a good pro and just wants to play, only difficulty is I imagine he’ll be well sought after.

    Van Dijk is another that fits the bill and is looking to move to PL. Genuine potential to be world-class, very comfortable on the ball and a real athlete. He broke through in Holland around the same time McClaren was there, so he’ll know all about him.

    Aged 24 and 26 I think, a good long-term partnership in the making.

  • 69 ToonFromLeeds // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:25 PM

    McClarens interview with Chronic

  • 70 barkel // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:27 PM

    Nezza we will no doubt be letting a few players move on. Papers give out figures for out “war chest” daily, if the reports are to be believed we have somewhere between £40-60million but who is to know for sure!

  • 71 Mister Tuff // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:27 PM

    Some of you lads and lasses are getting giddy at the first sniff of that intoxicant – possible success at the club. The dark days of talking about crocks and duds is vanishing and is being replaced by talk of top drawer players coming to SJP and f winning cups.
    Just had ya hosses – to early to get carried away by what might be – we’ve all been duped before.

  • 72 Riviere Run Dry // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:29 PM


    Come on, don’t be so naive, asking prices are never met unless the demanding club are in a position of strength and QPR definitely aren’t. QPR may say they want £15m, they know they won’t get this, in the end he’ll end up going for 12/13m. If they said we want £12/13m, they’d end up getting bids of around £10m.

  • 73 Mr Magpie // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:31 PM

    I would prefer as strikers Charlie Austin to Bas Dost, then would like to see real ambition shown in going for Javier Hernandez from Man Utd. Think they would make a good partnership. Guidetti in on a free from city as back up alongside Perez & Rivierre.

    In midfield Van Ginkel from Chelsea on a loan with an option to buy inserted would be good, Matt Phillips from Qpr, Townsend from Spurs on the wings.

    If we can get the big money offer in then Sissoko can go for me then replace him with Winjaldum from Psv. Bakkali in on a free from Psv who is full of potential & could be a future star but think he is interesting Man Utd so would be a bit of a acoup.

    In defence Richards in on a free from Man City, Van Dijk from Celtic, Jenkinson from Arsenal or Trippier from Burnley at right back competition with Janmaat, Mings from Ipswich or Willems fromPsv to challenge Haidara at left back,

    Not a huge outlay but would vastly improve our first team & i dont think any of those players are realistically out of our reach.

  • 74 breadman // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:43 PM

    hi all, in need of help here. i tried buying a season ticket but it says no allocation to me, but there are clearly tickets availabe in green, is this a system problem? i am not located in newcastle now, please help!! anyone, its my first newcastle season ticket!

  • 75 lochinvar // Jun 11, 2015 at 5:49 PM

    Lets stick together

  • 76 Moonraker15 // Jun 11, 2015 at 6:08 PM


    Have you registered?

  • 77 toonicle // Jun 11, 2015 at 6:12 PM

    We should be going all out for Van Dijk and Austin.

  • 78 breadman // Jun 11, 2015 at 6:12 PM

    yes i have. i really need help here, im a lifelong newcastle fan moving to durham next year, and one of my goals going there is to watch newcastle (im from asia). im so near yet so far, i can clearly see the available seats,i click it, and it says no more seats. i dont get it. anyway to help?!

  • 79 Moonraker15 // Jun 11, 2015 at 6:21 PM

    I, like a lot of fans was very disappointed when Vera was not offered the job, for whatever reason!

    However I am now excited about the McClaren appointment and feel it is actually a common sense move.

    We’ve tried the sexy options and they went spectacularly wrong, so let’s get behind McClaren and, who knows?

    The new board is a step in the right direction and it’s worth remembering that when we won 3 fa cups in the fifties, there was no manager and the team was picked by a committee!

    Lot of water…….


  • 80 Moonraker15 // Jun 11, 2015 at 6:23 PM


    Don’t worry they ain’t gonna sell out lol

  • 81 Moonraker15 // Jun 11, 2015 at 6:54 PM


    Tickets on general sale from tomorrow (12th June )

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