Newcastle Need To Cut Out This Nonsense

When Steve McClaren was introduced as the new head coach last Wednesday night, Newcastle again caused some (big) controversy with the media, by only allowing Sky Sports and the Mirror to interview Steve after his formal announcement.

steve mcclaren nufc 5

Steve McClaren at his unveiling last Wednesday

It was very quickly big news in the press, not surprisingly, and we’re not even sure why it was done, since of course Newcastle are hardly the best at communicating to their fans and others, what they are doing and why they are doing it.

In an exclusive today with the Star, former top striker Malcolm Macdonald has pleaded with the club to stop the madness:

This is some of what Malcolm has said:

“For heaven’s sake, stop this madness and open up the doors of St James’ Park.”“Why the hell enforce a news shut-out?”  “It’s creating a venomous situation.”  “We have a free press in this country and if they are excluded, they become a dangerous animal.”

“It’s total madness banning anyone. The press are the link between the club and its supporters. No other club in the world would ever dream of doing that.”

“The media who are not the chosen few are certainly not going to be on board and all pulling together.” “This is a time when Newcastle definitely needs friends and they should be embracing the press with McClaren’s arrival.”

“I truly believe Steve is one of the top men in the country. He’s had a great schooling in the game and had terrific success as a coach and a manager.”

“I’m not speaking from the Derby County affair and the cloud under which he left.”  “And not England. He was chucked into that job before he was ready.”

“I back him totally. He’s the right man for the job. Yes, I think Newcastle have made a great decision – which is rare.”

“A new manager should be given every possible chance to do the job right.”

Malcolm is absolutely right.

Steve McClaren is a sensible man who’s well respected, and he has a good relationship with the press.

It wouldn’t be a  surprise if he’s been asking Lee Charnley why the press was restricted last Wednesday.

Newcastle are making no friends with these rather stupid and dumb actions that get us more bad publicity at the national level,  and they need to cut it out – sooner rather than later.

We need to become a proper club again and stop scoring own goals – and that means you cannot restrict the press.

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