Newcastle Trying A New Board Structure For A Football Club

There’s an excellent interview today in the Chronicle given by Newcastle head coach Steve McClaren – and Steve certainly comes over very well in what he says and he ‘s a very good communicator, and now being the mouthpiece of Newcastle he has today tried to explain what Managing Director Lee Charnley is trying to do at the club with the new structure of the Board of Directors.

Newcastle produced a surprise last Wednesday when they announced the new Board made up of Lee Charnley, Graham Carr, Steve McClaren and Bob Moncur, and it seemed to be a big improvement on the former Board and there’s a lot more football knowledge in there, and that cannot be bad.

It also seems Mike Ashley deliberately took himself out of the football decision-making that goes on at the club, and if that was the case then it was a good move by Ashley.

steve mcclaren

Steve McClaren – Newcastle trying a new Boardroom structure

Here’s what Steve has said today:.

“What Lee Charnley is trying to do is to create a new structure and to get everyone involved.” “He doesn’t want people to be in their own offices doing their thing without being aware of what else is going on.”

“I always stress that my approach is about trying to keep every door open.” “We’re all in it together and there are two sides to a football club – the football side and then the administration and marketing side.”

“They’ve always been kept separate – they don’t know anything about the football side and we don’t know anything about their side.” “This move is to bridge the gap and I welcome it.”

“I had a similar experience when I was at Boro.”   “I was invited to board meetings because they wanted me to know about things like season ticket prices, and that I’d have the idea that money isn’t grown on trees.”

“Lee wanted someone from the football side on that and I think it’s a good idea.”  

In fact the current Newcastle Board had three football people on it plus and Lee Charnley, but once a new Finance Director is appointed to replace the departed John Irving,  they (man or woman) should be part of the Board too.

That explanation from Steve is a good one and will allow fans to understand some of the thinking behind the new Board Structure at Newcastle –  it sounds good to us.

Hopefully next season Steve McClaren will be able to update fans as on what the club are trying to do,  in the absence of hearing anything from either Lee Charnley or Mike Ashley, but we hope the owner will give a more Sky interviews next season.

Communication in any organization is always extremely important, and if there’s not enough of it then people will make stuff up,  in the vacuum created.

And it’s nearly always negative stuff that’s created so it’s always good to have full communication.

That hasn’t been the case at Newcastle over the last eight years – and hopefully that will change.

What do you think?

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