Our Squad Isn’t Big Enough, Good Enough Or Strong Enough

Former Newcastle center-back Steve Howey has been on talkSPORT today and has said that Newcastle’s squad at the moment isn’t big enough, it isn’t good enough and it isn’t strong enough.

Steve then goes on to say that apart from that we are well positioned to win the Premier League next season.

Just kidding.

steve howey

Steve Howey in his playing days at Newcastle

This is some of what Steve Howey has told talkSPORT today:

“It does depend completely on who goes and who comes in because at the moment the squad isn’t big enough, it isn’t good enough and it isn’t strong enough.” (picky picky)

“I’ve said that for a long time. That’s been proved over the last couple of seasons, I’m not being harsh there – it isn’t good enough because of where they have finished.”

“There’s been too many of those games at Newcastle. They had some highs – look they beat Chelsea at the time when they were top of the league – but there were too many times when they went missing,” 

“You could take maybe two or three players out of that criticism,  but there’s a lot of others who need to be looking in the mirror and wondering whether they did their best for Newcastle United and for those fans. The simple answer is absolutely not.”

“Everybody wants attractive football and to win,” “Sometimes you can’t have that. Sometimes you need to win ugly and there were too many times this season where the performance wasn’t there and the result wasn’t there.”

“The main thing is picking up results and not be looking at the team being right down there.”

Steve is right that our squad has never been big enough ever since Mike Ashley arrived, and the fact we get so many injuries each season means we are always struggling to field a strong side with so many players missing.

Newcastle already have essentially four new players coming in for next season with Jamaal Lascelles and Karl Darlow joining the first team squad after a year on loan at Nottingham Forest.

Siem de Jong and Rolando Aarons will also be like new players, because they made only 11 appearances between them last season due to long term injuries.

If we can in addition get six new players, and move some of the deadwood out of the club, that will help to improve the quality of the squad immensely.

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