Huge Changes Being Made By Ashley At Newcastle

The Shields Gazette is reporting today that the bonus scheme at Newcastle will be completely overhauled for next season, and now the players can receive massive bonuses if the team does well in the two local cup competitions.

If the club  can actually win a cup next season, whooaaaa – sorry about  that shock statement – then each player could receive individual bonuses in the six figure range, so here’s another example of Mike Ashley seemingly changing his ways at Newcastle for the better.

lee charnley and mike ashley 987

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley at West Ham game

In previous seasons players and coaches received bonuses only for how high we finished in the Premier League table, with the bonuses only starting if we reached 10th place.

The bonuses steadily increased the further up the league we finished – with nothing given out for any success at all in the cups – probably because there’s very little money to be made in the cups.

Ashley seems to have realized that winning something  in football means something and money isn’t everything – especially when the club hasn’t won anything since 1969.

It’s not surprising that Alan Pardew played weak sides in the cup competitions, with the emphasis being completely on the Premier League – where the big money is.

The new bonus scheme will also reward players and staff if we can qualify for the Champions League by finishing in the top four in the Premier League.

That’s extremely unlikely to happen any time soon, with the team we have at the moment – but Ashley had said in his Sky Sports interview if that happens then that would be the equivalent of winning something.

Newcastle could get big money in the Champions League, and it’s another way to further increase our revenues – so we could then afford better players on higher wages.

The club seems to be backing up Mike Ashley’s statements he made an hour before our last game against West Ham, and new bonuses are being paid out for the cups – and that’s got to be good news.

That should incent Steve McClaren to play strong sides in the two cup competitions and we must have a decent chance of doing well in both cup competitions – if we do that.

And that’s the whole idea of bonuses of course.

This sounds good to us – always assuming this news is accurate.

There will still be the skeptics who will simply not believe that Ashley is really trying to change things and win something – but actions speak louder than words and we are now seeing some of those actions.

What do you think?

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