Mike Ashley’s Personality Described In Detail

Bob Moncur tried to convince fans when we were in a losing streak under John Carver that big money was available in the summer, and we were going to spend it on players this summer – but that went over like a lead balloon and framed Bob as one of the insiders at the club.

John Carver had also come out and said we were going after some really top players this summer – to try to raise the mood of fans – but we’ve heard it all before.

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Bob Moncur – some PR for his boss

We could have Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as targets, but if we have no chance of signing them – so what’s the point.

And we seem to have already missed out on some of our targets this summer.

Today Moncur is trying to convince the Newcastle fans that Mike Ashley is really a good bloke – if we only knew him:

“Don’t forget I do the corporate so my tin hat was having to get stronger and stronger as the weeks went on! The starting point for that final day was the owner going on TV.”

“That was great. All the lounges, everything stopped when he went on the telly. I think that was great and even last week I was speaking to people saying it’s given them a lift.”

“People have this image of Mike Ashley but I’m fortunate that when I go to away games I sometimes speak to him. He’s nothing like he’s painted to be.”

“He’s quite a funny bloke and he’s honest and upfront. He’s got a passion – I know people say he’s got no passion for the club, but he has.”

“The fact he went on TV and said he’s got a passion for the club and he wants success was good. I have known that for some time but the problem you have is when you try to tell people who don’t know what he’s like, it’s hard to convince them.”

“He’s got this image that, if you were sat next to him now, he’s down-to-earth and he’s a good bloke. I’ve got no problem with him and if I didn’t think that was the case, I wouldn’t go on the board.”

“I cannot tell what will happen but I will be honest, that’s what I can offer. I’ve got a bit of experience, I’ve been there and seen it and if I’m asked my opinion I will give it.”

“If people accept that and pay attention to it, only time will tell.”

After seeing him on Sky Sports he’s  lot different than we thought – and in truth he seems a decent enough guy.

And the best advice for Mike Ashley is to give two or three of those interviews a year – it will make him more human to fans – but we doubt he will do that.

But the proof of the pudding of what he said will be in how we perform in this summer’s transfer window, and as fans have been saying – actions speak louder than words.

We’ve had far too much talk in the past at Newcastle and no success for far too long.

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