Trouble Selling Season Tickets Points To Bigger Problem

It really does seem that Alan Shearer was accurate when he said a number of fans were not going to renew their season tickets for next season – and of course some of Alan’s pals had a box, and they decided not to renew it.

However Shearer said he will still attend the games at St. James’ Park – when he can.

With Alan doing the BBC Match of the Day on Saturday nights, it’s sometimes difficult for him to get to the games

two young Newcastel fans today

Have these two got their season tickets yet?

According to reports from season ticket holders – there have been three letters sent out asking them to pay up the money for next season.

And in the letters they have been tempted by promises Newcastle will have a better team than last season, and that we’ll play (great – really great – really really great)  attacking football.

Having  a better team than last year is not saying too much.

If the club has to go to these extremes it shows some fans are completely disillusioned, and because of what’s happened in the second half of the last two seasons – it’s hardly surprising.

Those behind the Ashley-Out campaign – whoever they are – will never support Ashley whatever he does – but Ashley and Newcastle have  a window of opportunity this summer – created in large measure by Mike’s appearance on Sky Sports.

Last season John Carver almost single-handedly took Newcastle down into the second division, and we got only 13 points in 19 league games with Carver in charge – and 3 of those points were in the very last game of the season.

If John has ambitions of being a head coach elsewhere, he may be well advised to reconsider that goal.

But we were even more shocked that nothing was done about our demise until after our 8th loss in a row at Leicester City.

And then when we tried to get Steve McClaren in, he refused to come and we risked it big time with John still in control for those last three games.

We were convinced we were going down – but we were wrong – again.

Newcastle have to manage the club a lot better than they have done over these last several years, and Lee Charnley in particular must get more involved – when he’s supposed to.

Hopefully the fact the club are having trouble selling season tickets will show in no uncertain terms that fans are not happy at all with the way the club is being run.

We have had a complete lack of success on the field for the last three seasons.

Fans have been promised a lot this summer – but the powers that be have to deliver on those promises.

They haven’t done that in the past.

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