Austin May Not Be Going Anywhere This Summer

Former QPR manager Harry Redknapp has suggested that Newcastle’s top transfer target this summer – 25 year-old Charlie Austin – may not move anywhere this summer.

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Charlie Austin – a free agent next summer

Charlie has one year left on his contract at QPR, and he has said in the past he could stay at QPR,  albeit he would be back playing in the Championship.

But his former manager at QPR, Harry Redknapp, has said he may even stay, and the 68 year-old had this to say to talkSPORT:

“Charlie Austin is a little bit in that mold – a typical Newcastle number nine.” “He has got a good attitude, he works hard and scores his goals.”

“I don’t know what owner Tony Fernandes has got planned, whether he wants to keep him like Danny Ings and let him run out that final year.”

What benefit do QPR get of Charlie running out his final year financially?

There has to be little chance of Charlie staying at QPR, with the London club anxious to get up to £15M for their striker, with there being much smaller revenues in the Championship.

And in any case if he becomes a free agent next year QPR would not qualify for any compensation for Charlie, and therefore they would get nothing for their top player – so there’s a big incentive for QPR to sell Austin this  summer.

That’s wasn’t the case with Danny Ings at Burnley, and even though he became a free agent Burnley still got good compensations for him, because he was less than 24 years old.

And as far as Charlie goes he’s also had a taste of being in the England squad recently, and he will have a much better chance of being selected for England if he’s playing for a club like Newcastle next season.

Danny Ings had a chance to play his last season for Burnley in the Premier League,  so there’s another difference in the Austin and Ings situation – Austin will be incented to move to keep playing in England’s top division.

Austin will leave this summer, and it’s still possible we suppose that Newcastle can get the deal done.

The news today is that Southampton have moved in with a £10M bid for Charlie – and like Swansea the Saints tend to move quickly and decisively in the transfer market.

That’s unlike some other clubs we know.


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