Newcastle Still Need To Convince Both Fans And Players

Newcastle signed Steve McClaren as the new head coach on Wednesday, 10th June, which is 17 days ago,  and since that time Newcastle have not signed anybody else – in fact not much has happened at Newcastle at all other than us being linked with two or three players every day.

It’s been kind of boring – and Steve still has to announce his coaching team.

Since pre-season starts on Wednesday, he needs to do that fairly soon – maybe over the weekend.

worried looking mike ashley yesterday

Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley – Lee looks in severe pain

Newcastle have made no signings yet in a transfer window that is one of the most important in recent years.

It’s not only that we need to bring in good players this summer, but Newcastle’s name has been diminished in the game over the last three years, and we don’t have the name we once had.

This year hasn’t helped, and we lost eight games in a row and only just avoided relegation.

It’s going to be (very) tough for Newcastle to attract good players this summer, and that’s one reason we need to make a couple of good signings (very) early on in the summer.

That will help convince some of our other transfer targets that Newcastle do indeed plan to build up a good side once again, and want to win something.

That’s what Mike Ashley said on May 24th just before we beat West Ham 2-0 to survive in the Premier League, so we assume that’s still true.

We have the money to spend and in late May received about £78M from the Premier League – just in case we were hard up – which we weren’t.

Getting some good players in will also help us to keep the good players we already have at the club, some of which seem to have itchy feet after what happened this year, when we were the worst performing team in the Premier League – well maybe QPR were a tad worse but they beat us!

The Newcastle fans also still need to be convinced, and if Newcastle’s policies in the transfer market do not change this summer – it will not be a good transfer window.

We cannot compete with the two Manchester clubs, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool – the big six – and we know that because Alan Pardew used to tell us once a month that it was not possible.

Note to Steve McClaren – please don’t ever say this.

But in these last couple of years we cannot seem to compete with the likes of  Everton, Swansea, Stoke, Southampton and West Ham – who are clubs with more ambition than we have.

It’s not that we cannot compete, it seems that we don’t want to, and simply will not pay the big bucks to get good players in.

It’s also to send the word out that Newcastle are back in business, and that we aim not only to finish in the top eight in the league next season, but that we also want to win something.

We believe they are still called trophies these days – those things that clubs win.

Signing some top players early in the summer will send the right message out – not signing top players will say it’s the same old same old at Newcastle – and nothing much has changed.

Lee Charnley and others need to light a fire and start getting some players in, and start showing some real ambition to make Newcastle great again.

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