So What Are Newcastle Doing In The Transfer Window?

It could be that Lee Charnley and company are working hard behind the scenes and looking to sign some top players for Newcastle, but while other clubs are starting to make their signings, there’s nothing from Newcastle – absolutely nothing – and Steve McClaren hasn’t even announced one coach who will be part of his coaching team this season.

lee charnley close-uphe Transfer Window?

Lee Charnley – what’s he doing?

Perception is reality, and the perception at Newcastle is that we are not going after our targets with any genuine urgency or ambition.

And because of last season, when  it looked with three games to go like we would be relegated,  extreme urgency is needed in this transfer window.

Yes – we know there is still plenty of time left before September rolls around – but if any club in the PL needed to make a top early signing in this transfer window it was Newcastle.

The other thing that’s starting to frustrate Newcastle fans is that we were told by Mike Ashley and also by top executive Lee Charnley, that Newcastle would go out and spend (big) money this summer and build a good team.

The goals for Newcastle next season also have some ambition behind them – sorry if you just spit out your corn flakes in shock – but the official targets are to finish in the top eight in the Premier League and try to win one of the cups.

Notice the word is to try to win cups, which we haven’t done since 2006.

So for the first time in the last eight years, since Mike Ashley bought the club, Newcastle will try to win something.

It’s difficult to know what’s really happening behind the scenes as we’ve said,  but Newcastle have more money than most in the Premier League, and after all we are still the 19th richest club in the world.

And yet we haven’t been close to signing one player,  while other clubs outside the top six like West Ham and Swansea are making some good signings.

Newcastle need to get more urgency and more ambition in this important summer transfer window, and start bringing in some good players.

And that lack of communication at the club is again there for all to see.

Just like nothing was said (or done) when we lost eight games in a row, there has been no executive communication coming out of the club in the last few weeks.

Even Steve McClaren – who we suppose is the official mouthpiece of the club – has been quiet over the last week.

Why don’t Newcastle – Lee Charnley – issue a communique to the fans saying what they are trying to do?

Good communication in an organization never hurt anything, and that has been one of the main factors why there is frustration with Newcastle fans – we never know what’s going on.

The communication from the club to the fans – who are interested in anything about their club – has been little short of shameful over the last eight years.

It’s something the club needs to improve significantly.