Newcastle Bid For Bas Dost Nowhere Near Wolfsburg Valuation

Wolfsburg Sporting Director Klaus Allofs at Bundesliga club Wolfsburg has given his opinion on the Newcastle offer for one of our top targets Bas Dost – and it looks like Newcastle are going about their business a sin the past by putting in very low bids – and sometimes the bid is so low that they start to lose credibility with the selling team.

That may have happened with our offer for Bas Dost, and Klaus Allofs has talked to SoccerNews and what he’s said doesn’t sound too good for Newcastle, and he compares the Newcastle offer to Liverpool’s offer for Roberto Firmino which was a massive £29M and successful:

bas dost

Bas Dost – compared to Roberto Firmino – who went for £29M

This is what Klaus Allofs has said:

“I read lump sum payments from €10M to €12M  (£8.5M) for Bas, but then I refer to Roberto Firmino’s example and say they will have to get used to higher amounts if any club really wants to buy Dost.”

Brazilian International Firmino wasn’t really worth £29M but that’s what Liverpool were willing to pay – maybe because they are getting close to £50M for Raheem Sterling from Manchester City.

Roberto only scored 7 goals in 33 games last season but Dost was much more successful with 16 goals in 21 league games.

But there’s no way 26 year-old Dost is worth anywhere near £29M – and if that’s what Wolfsburg want for him then forget it – we should be signing Charlie Austin for £15M as our next step – and do that as soon as we can.

And pay the full £15M for him.

But that may be difficult now with Charlie on honeymoon,  but what have we been doing these last three weeks?

The problem in transfers for Premier League clubs nowadays is that they will be asked huge sums by selling clubs, because they are well aware of the vast amounts the clubs get – such as the £78M we received at the end of May.

And at the start of next season – August next year – those amounts rise by a massive 70%.

Newcastle maybe could have bid more than the 12M (£8.5M) they bid last week — but he’s not worth £15M – if that – given what Austin is on sale for.

If something approaching £29M is the fee Wolfsburg want for Dost  – then it’s even more reason we should be tying up the deal for the QPR striker.

But we don’t believe £29M is the amount, but they want more for Dost than he’s really worth, because they got lucky with Firmino.

What do you think?

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