Steve McClaren Interview – What He Wants To Achieve In Pre-Season

Steve McClaren has given an interview on nufcTV with Newcastle Digital Editor Dan King, after he had finished his first day of pre-season training with the Newcastle players yesterday, although those who have been on International duty don’t report back until Monday.

It’s the first time we have heard from Steve for about 10 days, and he comes across as really sensible, down to earth and seems to be in his element coaching the players on the training pitch.

steve mcclaren training 2

Steve McClaren taking the training yesterday

If you have a nufcTV subscription you can watch the interview – and for those who don’t – here’s the interview we have transcribed with what Steve said:

¨It’s great to get them back and great to get some work done – we’ve been here two and a half weeks – I’ve been here more or less on my own in that time, and been talking to a lot of people and doing a lot of work behind the scenes.¨

¨It feels real when players come back so to see them all bright and breezy it’s very good.¨ ¨This is where the work is done – this is where we always say preparation is key Monday to Friday – if you work hard and get the preparation right – then Saturday you are ready to play.¨

¨This is the best part of the job as a player and a coach – working on the grass and enjoying your work but working hard.¨ ¨Well you play football with a ball so it’s vital that we do ball-work – players enjoy that – but I do too¨

¨It’s a shorter pre-season and we have 10 days of good work before we go to America, so we want to get some structure and ball win with the players, and try to incorporate the two – fitness wise.¨

¨It is vitally important to get the majority of players here, on Monday we have the rest of the internationals back who have been playing up until mid-June,  so I can’t wait for them to get back and we get everybody here, and everybody is working together.¨

¨It was good today, it was a big group  and  good to meet them and good to see them get a touch of the ball. ¨ ¨ As I said the job feels real and we’ve been talking with the players, but talking is all well and good¨

¨But it’s what you do on the pitch that’s important – and that’s why it is enjoyable to get them out there and start the work.”

That’s a good interview with Steve.

Steve is seen giving instructions to the players and pointing stuff out during the interview – he obviously loves the coaching side of things, you can see that he’s in his element and Dan King pointed that out.

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