Steve McClaren’s Email To Newcastle Fans

Steve McClaren sent out an email tonight to Newcastle fans, and asked them for patience during this summer transfer window,  and he is well aware the fans want new players brought in – quickly.

steve mcclaren

Steve McClaren during coaching on Thursday

Here is the jist of that email:

Thank you for the warm welcome.

I know the anticipation is already out there and that yes, you want to see new players coming in through the door immediately.

This is natural. For me as head coach, however it is so important that the right payers come through the door.

However long it takes , I want to make sure that we have just the type of people who can come in and force us forward.

On the surface, things can seem quiet, but beneath it, I want to assure you that we are striving to be prepared for the upcoming season.

The hard work needed to push us where we want to go is well underway.

The plan we have as a club excites me. It isn’t a quick fix, it’s not going to happen overnight.

It’s going to take patience and ups and downs, knocks, highs and lows, but we have got an opportunity over time to really make a statement.

I’m looking forward to being with you on the journey.

It looks like Steve will use emails to communicate with Newcastle fans – so that’s a good step forward by Steve,so he can at least share what he’s doing even if we hardly ever hear anything from Lee Charnley.

Steve is reported to be unhappy about the stand taken by the club not to talk to the general media other than preferred outlets Sky Sports and the Mirror.

The upper management at Newcastle certainly have a huge hang-up with the media, and the sooner it’s fixed the better it will be for everybody.

But Steve McClaren, his coaching staff and the team deserve all the support the fans can give them.

Who knows, we may even have a good season next season.

Comments welcome.

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