It’s Time For This Man To Speak Up At Newcastle

It’s not always easy to go in front of 1.000 people in a ballroom and give a one hour presentation on your stuff, but when you an executive at a company, that’s part of the job and it’s what you are expected to do.

In the real world of business, you are also expected to go and talk with customers and be the voice of the company to them.

lee charnley close-up

Lee Charnley – Newcastle’s Managing Director

Now if you are shy and even withdrawn that can be difficult but it’s still part of the job – you don’t get to not do it because you may uncomfortable.

And in any case, with enough practice you get a lot better.


No we turn to the seemingly unreal world of football, with Lee Charnley as the top executive of Newcastle, and fans still haven’t heard one word from him, and we have no idea what he sounds like, or what he’s really like.

We even know what Mike Ashley sounds like now – after eight years as Newcastle owner – and it’s nothing like we expected.

Not all fans will agree,  but we thought Mike came over well in his Sky Sports interview, and we thought it was good that he came on the TV an hour before the kick-off,  when we could have landed up in the Championship at the end of that game.

We didn’t even think he would attend the game, with the Ashley Out crew in action during the previous games.

Ashley may have even set the stage for what was Newcastle’s best performance  by a long way under John Carver this year – and when it really mattered.

Jonas Gutierrez also went down in the annals of history at Newcastle United as a legend, given all he’s been through, after that fantastic performance from the Argentine when he made one goal and scored the other in the 2-0 win.

Jonas was subsequently voted the best player in Europe for that last weekend of play.

It was a great final game for Newcastle last season, after a calamitous 20 games under the woeful John Carver, who after each defeat proclaimed he was still the favorite to get the head coach job.

Malcolm Macdonald has written a good article in the Chronicle today,  and pointed out how good Steve McClaren is as the front man for Newcastle.

It also seems Steve will communicate directly with fans via email – as he did on Thursday.

Communication has never been good under Mike Ashley, and now Newcastle have only two preferred media outlets in Sky Sports and the Mirror – and that must change.

We don’t know what it is with Mike Ashley’s Newcastle,  but they seem to make enemies of the press – and they wonder why they get bad publicity?

We are looking forward to hearing more from Steve McClaren, as we go through pre-season but we also want to hear from Lee Charnley.

Lee should also be present on Monday night at the next Fan Forum meeting – so we should get some information from that, although Lee talks the party line far too much.

This meeting was also promised to be held before the end of the season, but it didn’t happen and nothing has been said about why it didn’t happen – it’s more poor communication from  Lee and the club.

We’d also like to hear more from owner Mike Ashley, and as we’ve suggested before, maybe a quarterly bulletin from the owner on how things are going, would be very good for the supporters.

Good communication never hurt any organization – even in the unreal world of football – and that’s an area than can be improved at Newcastle, and there are easy ways to do it.

Comments welcome.