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Newcastle Close In On Wijnaldum After He Turns Down Sunderland

11:31 pm, Saturday, July 4th, 2015 by Dr. Ed Harrison · 100 Comments

The Sunday People are reporting on Sunday that Newcastle are closing in on 24 year-old Dutch International midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum, as Steve McClaren’s first signing for Newcastle, and the report says that he has turned down a move to Sunderland.

Georginio Wijnaldum

Georginio Wijnaldum – Newcastle reported close to signing

The report suggests that the player would cost Newcastle up to ­£15M, but that seems high for the 19 times capped Dutch International attacking midfielder.

Both Sunderland and Newcastle were reported last week to be in a head-to-head battle for the highly skilled Dutch International.

And Steve McClaren seems confident that Newcastle can get the player he knows all about,  from his time coaching FC Twente in the Eredivisie, where Georginio played for Feyenoord before joining PSV in 2011.

Sunderland are now said to have turned their attentions to signing Everton and Irish International winger Aiden McGeady, the former Celtic player who only joined Everton last year from Spartak Moscow.

Newcastle have been interested in signing Wijnaldum for some years now, as Chief Scout Graham Carr has watched his progress closely in Holland, but we’d be surprised if Newcastle have to pay as much as ­£15M for him.

Wijnaldum has been at PSV for four seasons after signing on for them from Feyenoord for €5M which is around £3.5M with today’s exchange rates.

He’s played 154 times for PSV with 56 goals and 24 assists,  and while at Feyenoord he played 135 times with 25 goals and 11 assists.

Georginio is a very good technical player, and would be a great signing for Newcastle.

Comments welcome.

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100 responses so far ↓

  • 1 beermonkey // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:35 PM

    chasing rabbits

    Austin to Chelsea he would be mad to go there, they only ever play with one striker and have just signed falcao add that to remy and costa


    it does but I wont hold my breath oddly I am more concerned that we are not signing any youth from abroad like perez
    I have just look McLaren had 16 derby players out onloan last season when was the last time we had double figures

    surprised no1 in the prem has gone in for van persie looks like he could be off to fenerbache

    we don’t go in for marquee signings anymore but you cant ignore the cash some of these players even aging ones can generate in merchandising
    again something the club doesn’t seem to exploit is that cos the Ashley gets it all not the club and marquee signings want a %

  • 2 jesperfuglsang - capt'n awesome of the lemon crew // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:36 PM

    Something does seem to suggest that Charmless has been sleeping his day away since January!

  • 3 optimistic prime // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:41 PM

    I’d take this lad, way better than Sissoko.

  • 4 jesperfuglsang - capt'n awesome of the lemon crew // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:41 PM

    beer…what ever happened to that 6 player shortlist Carver talked about?

    McClaren’s last interview seem to suggest he’s been alone at the club the past two weeks! What’s Charmless doing? Well I seem to have answered that just before!

  • 5 WWSBRD // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:42 PM

    England come 3rd beating the Germans with a pen…good day all round

  • 6 JamesToon // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:46 PM

    £50million quid would get these players in who would significantly strengthen the squad:
    Joel Matíp
    Georginio Wijnaldum
    Florian Thauvin
    Charlie Austin
    Ivan Toney

  • 7 WWSBRD // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:46 PM

    Oh and would u look at that on the day the papers cost more we are suddenly bidding left right and centre! Ha who falls for this still?

  • 8 beermonkey // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:50 PM


    this is why there is so much frustration around
    I don’t think we will see any major signings till we come back from the states
    I think there waiting to see what McLaren and co say about certain players
    mainly so they can do it on the cheap as is the norm

    but with colo wilo taylor out of contract at the end of the season they need to address they but with laschelles and maybe dummett if they say can get something out of them and good and satka they will only have to buy one cb not 2

  • 9 Blofal // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:54 PM

    He is worth $15m. Get it done.

  • 10 optimistic prime // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:58 PM

    Is the fans forum Monday?

    When do the minutes come out?

  • 11 will die for the toon army // Jul 4, 2015 at 11:59 PM

    optimistic prime

    We have sisoko why do we have to lose him. We jst add him to the pile.

    We r building a top 10 side. We have to win a trophy this season.

  • 12 Munster Mag // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:03 AM

    Austin will go to west ham unless chelsea really want him. However i think we will get players soon. If the media targets are accurate , we havent lost out on any top players on our list yet. Patience lads. A decent coaching set up is in place and that is more important. I reckon 4 decent players in the spine of the team will be enough for now

  • 13 will die for the toon army // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:10 AM

    Joel Matíp – 10m
    Georginio Wijnaldum – 15m
    Florian Thauvin – 15m
    Charlie Austin – 15m

    All we need r those players but will have to keep Colo, Cisse and Tiote for ttransition process. In case the new signings dont work out.

    That can push us to compete with the Top 6 especially with Mcclaren at helm

  • 14 Munster Mag // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:11 AM

    Maybe even 3.

  • 15 lesh // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:15 AM

    Good lord, what’s happening?

    Austin’s bid to be increased?

    Wijnaldum’s close to a move to sjp

    Could somebody be trying to take the heat out of the FF meeting? He might even bring them to meet-and-greet the fans there if we’re really lucky!

  • 16 will die for the toon army // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:21 AM

    Sissoko…………..De Jong (c)…………Thauvin
    Darlow, Taylor, Tiote, Anita, Cabella, Perez, Cisse.

  • 17 lesh // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:23 AM


    When do the FF meeting minutes out?

    Charnley’s got them drafted already!

  • 18 stestickle // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:27 AM

    Wdftta looks good buwouldt have haidara for dummet prefer him at cb

  • 19 beermonkey // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:28 AM

    the ff meetings are a waste of time
    all they ever say is we refer you to some old statement they made or they cant answer that at this time

    not once have they ever answered a question of any substance

  • 20 stestickle // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:28 AM

    Wdftta looks good but would have haidara for dummet prefer him at cb

  • 21 GeordieTwo // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:41 AM

    What about CB’s and strikers. An AM is lower on the priority list surely? Unless Sissoko is leaving possibly for around the same price? Hmmmm.

  • 22 will die for the toon army // Jul 5, 2015 at 12:55 AM


    We lack creativity in the midfield. I wld take Wijna. But the signing am against as of now is Thauvin we shld first wait. Spend money on a CB – Stricker – AM – WF

  • 23 nufc 11 // Jul 5, 2015 at 1:19 AM

    Michael Dawson frn hull for me a prober defender head tackles reads the game well no Brainer

  • 24 Magpie Season // Jul 5, 2015 at 1:22 AM

    Read last night Santon was surplus at Inter. Stoke want to make a move for him.

  • 25 Magpie Season // Jul 5, 2015 at 1:26 AM

    Weren’t we linked with McGeady few years back?

  • 26 spitfire_ // Jul 5, 2015 at 3:43 AM

    The fans forum is tomorrow… by then will be a lot of “done deals” according to papers. Especially from our media partners.

  • 27 Chris // Jul 5, 2015 at 5:08 AM

    I agree – I’d definitely take Wijnaldum ahead of the French lad. I don’t care how highly Carr rates Thauvin because I just don’t trust Carr’s judgement any more – I prefer to take note of what thousands of French football fans think. In a poll a few months ago 29,511 of them voted on who they thought was the most over-rated player in Ligue 1 last season and 33% of them chose Thauvin.

  • 28 JDdubai // Jul 5, 2015 at 5:20 AM


    But Carr has tracked Wijnaldum for a few years now – do you trust his judgement on him?

    Again i am suspicious that these reports come out the day before the Fans Forum, the clubs history of bullsh!t is too great not to suspect it.

    However the thing i like most about Wijnaldum is that he is another captain for his club, same as SDJ. We need heart in our team, too many Sissoko’s around who couldnt give a toss and dont want to be here.

    Austin, Wijnaldum, Thauvin, Matip…………+ 1 or 2 others would be a bonus.

  • 29 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 5:37 AM


    Everyone can discuss, argue, pontificate, guess and even sometimes enthuse about the names being banded about in the press but until you see the actual player photographed in the SJP tunnell with all those shite direct sponsorship signs in the foreground in the official website, I will not believe a word of what these tossers in charge of our once great club say.

  • 30 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 5:39 AM


    A german friend of mine who supports Schalke tells me that Matip can be world class one week and a sunday park defender the next. Totally inconsistent and apparently responsible for a lot of goals they conceded last season.

  • 31 JDdubai // Jul 5, 2015 at 5:40 AM


    Thats a fair point and understandable.

    Think Im just tired of being negative with the club, thats why im still ignoring common sense and hoping they will follow up the crap they say.

    Carr said in February that this summer would be different and they would give cups a go from now on etc and change the way things were going. Time will tell.

    Will charnley be at the Forum meeting does anyone know? Not sure if Id want him there or he should be out finalising these deals.

  • 32 sing in the corner // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:15 AM

    Don’t know much about Wijnaldum yet but I’d be surprised if PSV were keen to let him go…they just sold their other star midfielder to Man U (Depay). If it is true I hope he is a leader who can read the game well and pass it properly otherwise he’s not much of an upgrade on what we have already.
    Errrr, Centre Half please? Two even?

  • 33 Reyantoon // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:16 AM

    I have a feeling we will get Austin,wijnaldum and Matip,although my first choices were
    Mitrovic,Grenier and Van dijk.
    Don’t know much about wijnaldum but I thought he is a defensive midfielder.If we sell cisse,then Thauvin will come.Anyway,I’ll be happy whoever comes in.
    For those who keep slagging Sissoko,just wait and see how he’s going to burst under the right guidance and coaching!!

  • 34 Jib // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:18 AM

    Your German friend could be Schalke’s version of Toonbrother !!!!!

  • 35 Jail for Ashley // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:22 AM

    When people are saying we only need three players brought in, what do they mean by this. Is three players the bare minimum to stop us imploding and to try and avoid relegation or three players to help us achieve this holy grail of eighth and a cup run.

  • 36 sing in the corner // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:30 AM

    Without my having read anyone saying we only need 3, I woujld hazard a guess that is a sign of well ‘managed’ expectations and nobody really expects more than 3 incoming?
    Well done England lasses by the way. Always nice to see England beat Germany, and on a penalty!

  • 37 sing in the corner // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:32 AM

    *-woujld hazard??
    WFT? Sounds like Wijnaldum , or faintly Dutch anyway.. Its a sign I tell ya

  • 38 sing in the corner // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:33 AM

    WFT… = WTF. Its early…

  • 39 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:35 AM


    Quite possibly although he has always struck me as a knowledgeable and sensible bloke……lol

  • 40 Jib // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:36 AM

    Jail for Ashley
    Are you forgetting that since January we have been managed by a total incompetent , an excellent drills and fitness coach , who has not the first idea about sports psychology and man management , who was only kept in the job because the season had been written off and it was impossible to get relegated.
    It would be very harsh to judge any Toon player on the last 5 months of the season.
    So talk of implosion and relegation is overly dramatic , as is refferring to 8th place as the holy grail.

  • 41 JDdubai // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:37 AM

    I dont think anyone thinks we only need 3 players, clearly we need more – maybe 6 would be fine for this summer(6 NETT i mean).

    It also depends on how fit we keep the rest of the squad, will we have Aarons, SDJ, Saylor, Haidara etc for 85% of the season or 25%?

    I think we will only get 1 CB in with the numbers we have on the books already – I dont think the ones we have are good enough but unless they are moved on then cant see us getting 2. With Willo, Colo and Saylor in the last year of their contracts it would be good to see at least 1 move on now and replaced.

    Austin, Thauvin, Wijnaldum, Matip would be the 4 main ones Id be happy with along with 2 more with potential like Perez last year.

  • 42 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:48 AM


    In all honesty, we have the semblance of a reasonable squad although imbalanced in places.

    I think it is fair to say that under the Pardew regime, we have been mismanaged and coached incorrectly where even the basics of the game that should have been practised daily like passing movement and pressure, have clearly been ignored along with many other facets of the game. Thus has been borne out on the playing field.

    I never got carried away by the 5th placed finish because Pardew rode his luck on the back of an easy fixture list start, zero injuries in that run, individual talent but very little else. We also copped some hidings during that season and the fact Chelsea and Liverpool struggled too was largely another reason.

    I will be interested to see what improvements we will see in players like Gouffran Vukic Anita Cabella Riviere when they are played in their correct positions and given the confidence to play football on the deck, something which was clearly alien to them under the dinosaur regime.

  • 43 sing in the corner // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:48 AM

    Personally I’m prepared to do a bit of much maligned waiting and seeing now that we have a proper coach, with what sounds like a proper coaching team in place behind him.
    I don’t think its unreasonable to hope for us to get a canny bit more out of Abeid, Colback, Sissoko,Haidara, Vuckic and other fringe young uns, and to a slightly lesser extent (based on us not having seen much to get excited about in) Cabella and Riviere. Thats a lot of variable. If they step up a bit 3 in would start to look a lot more?
    As long as they include at least one Centre Half…at the risk of repeating myself. Again.

  • 44 sing in the corner // Jul 5, 2015 at 6:49 AM

    Telepathy expat…lol

  • 45 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:10 AM


    Yes mate. I actually feel that we only really need to spend big money on 2 players, a quality pacy centre back and a 20 goal season striker.

    We are fine for full backs and I can see Lascelles improving out of sight given a decent run in the team. Taylor and Dummett able deputies. Get rid of Williamson and Colo.

    if Aarons and Obertan (pre Liverpool injury) can avoid long periods out and get back to the form they showed in spurts, they could prove to be highly effective especially with their pace. You can add Sissoko into a wide berth too. Riviere is an option too as a wide forward in a 433.

    Defensive central midfield has so many options with Tiote Abeid Anita Colback Bigi whilst our creative possibilities in thee centre De Jong Cabella Perez and Vuckic. You could even include Gouffran in there.

    Our central forward is limited with Cisse and possibly Perez Riviere and Armstrong fulfilling the roke but if we shelled out 15 million quid for a new forward, I would be happy with that for starters as long as we didnt sell any of our more important players.

    for me, the major part of our budget should be spent on 3 players……..Abdennour from Monaco, Mitrovic from Anderlecht and Hughes from Derby

  • 46 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:12 AM

    Whi ya bugga-maan
    Gets up this morning bright and sunny in the TOON playing cricket at Bamburgh – ever get the chance to play there take it – brilliant setting under the castle.

    Anyway PUT IN 4 BIDS – Wijnaldum, Austin, Rolan and Ivan ‘Mark’ Toney- do I believe – NO not really but would be canny to get one of the first two mentioned over the line. Or is it charm offensive before the BIG meeting

  • 47 jesperfuglsang - capt'n awesome of the lemon crew // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:19 AM

    I think it’s fair to say the Newcastle management and our new HC have been caught of guard…once again!

    Maybe they are just not up to it…you need to be at the top of your game to compete in today’s transfer market.

    The worry is they seamlessly don’t know who to move on and who to bring in. How come they doesn’t know that already. It’s a big worry I think.

    On another note it will be interesting to see who they bring in the line of fire at tomorrows FF meeting…probably someone who can’t answer anything.

  • 48 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:19 AM


    I envy you mate. It is many years since I have seen that beautiful setting.

    I can see us signing the the young lad from Northampton but I doubt Wijnaldum is a target. I dont think we will sign Austin either and I dont want the Uruquayan especially at the price quoted.

  • 49 Jail for Ashley // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:20 AM

    Regardless of who the new coach is it can’t be denied that we need to replace: Williamson, Gouffran, Obertan, Sameobi and Riverie. Asking for Staylor and Collo to be replaced is probably too much to ask. We also have to take into account the fact that since we have last bought a player, five have been sold or let go.
    How are we ok for full backs. We have three, and the majority of people agree that one of them is a better CB.

  • 50 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:23 AM


    At the FF meeting, you can guarantee that it will be some sort of flunky like the assistant tea lady who will be reporting back to the quivering board, locked away and hiding in their collective orifices.

  • 51 Jail for Ashley // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:24 AM

    Sitc, apologies, question to expat.

  • 52 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:25 AM

    Gives me goosebumps playing there. And the weather looks like it is set fair

  • 53 Jib // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:29 AM

    According to the Dutch press until this weekend the only bid so far for Wijnaldum was from Zenit SP of €10 million.
    Apparently McClaren has told his fellow board members that PSV’s asking price of €21million is a fair valuation and to pay it.
    Actually SM is right, if Wijnaldum has any sort of success in the EPL £15 million will look like peanuts.

  • 54 Jib // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:34 AM

    This is what Charlie in the Gallowgate is taalken aboot

  • 55 check the toastie // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:34 AM

    We need a top quality LB, think Haidara is a bit soft, perma crock me thinks, would love to see us go and enquire about Ashley Cole for a season, the younguns could learn a lot from him.
    First signing should be a CB, collos legs have gone and Saylor and Willow have never had any. Massive problem, would offload Willa and cello promptly and make dejong janmaat skips.
    Wijnuldum would be unreal, a great signing.

    Janmaat—new CB—– Saylor/cells—Haidara/Cole
    –Sissoko—–Wijnildum—de Jong—– Aarons—-

    For me Centre Back and left back are massive priorities, if we get Wijnildum and Tiote back on form we will be a strong unit in midfield. That’s were games are generally won or lost.

  • 56 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:38 AM


    Yes. We could probably do with more cover for both full backs. I am not sure what is coming through the under 18s or the reserves but with Janmaat and Haidara/Dummett as our starters at full back, maybe Anita, Satka and Good could be considered as back up.

    My thinking on this is that we have more important positional signings to achieve first before we address the full backs.

  • 57 Jib // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:42 AM

    Check the toastie
    Get it into your head everyone starts with a clean sheet – With Steve Black (Mr Motivator) and Alessandro Schoenmaker (Mr Muscle) there will be no more permacrocks.
    I think some people don’t quite appreciate what a coaching team we now have , the 1st team coach was a contender for the Rangers managers job ffs.

  • 58 Bambams // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:43 AM

    All these linked targets….

    Still no signings or even sightings of players meeting officials.

    Can’t believe our officials after the last few years

  • 59 Jib // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:44 AM

    I ‘m now thinking De Jong captain
    Nailed on

  • 60 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:45 AM

    Cheers for the Bamburgh image link.
    Game of cricket in such a setting and a couple of pints in the Castle
    cannot complain!!!

  • 61 Slank // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:45 AM

    Jail @ 49

    Is it getting rid of players because they are no good or is it getting rid of players because someone wants them ?

    In the latter case Sissoko, Cisse, Tiote and Perez would almost certainly be on the list. I can’t see the club selling Perez but the others would fetch money and reduce the wage bill although any new recruits would probably cancel that out.

    In the former case I can’t see them selling Riviere as it would be an admission of failure in terms of recruitment and coaching but given that Carr is on the board and Carver has been sacked nothing will be said about recruitment and all the blame will, no doubt, be directed at the man who can no longer defend himself.

  • 62 Slank // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:52 AM

    Jib @ 59

    I think so too that De Jong will be captain although Janmaat would be a very good and close contender.

    Those two being Dutch are almost certain to be multilingual and will be able to express themselves far better than Colo.

    Having worked in Holland myself I’m certain that their vocabulary will include a rich and wide ranging use of Anglo Saxon which every British player will fully understand !

  • 63 mickalfas // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:53 AM

    Is it the PR machine has finally hit top gear ,strange that,just before the fans forum

  • 64 sparky55 // Jul 5, 2015 at 7:53 AM

    you can defo tell it’s sunday. According to all the early breaking news we’re in for 15 million quid Austin…(that’ll be a ‘show me arse in Marks and Spencer winda’) moment if there ever was one, we’re in for wijnaldum for 15 million, we’re in for another Diego of Uraguayan decent for 10 million which is 50 million right there and we’re in for just about every freebie on the planet inc of course the steady and reliable Mario.

    There is of course no way we’ll be spending 50 million in one window…it’s beyond all the realms of reality in Mikey’s world and there’s no way we can compete for Austin on Location, wages or ambition…so looks very much to me like when we put in bids for Rooney…those bids were of course more of a favour to Evertom to make sure man U would have to pay top dollar for Rooney and this time round we’ll bid 15 million for Austin to make our supporters start believing in what Mikey said before the game v WHU when in reality everyone knows he’s staying in London or on the south coast.

    What we will probably get out of it making sure the 15 million valuation is met is yet another journeyman from the QPR wreckage (don’t know who to be fair) but there’s no way we’ll ever get Austin over that magic moving imaginary line.

    We’ll get another young spaniard as a mate for Perez but we’re not shopping in Uruguay this year cos Mike hasn’t got a shop there yet.

    Widgy will come…but the rest is all bollox.

  • 65 mickalfas // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:00 AM

    Maybe shite direct opening up in the USA ,might have to have an American player to help with the PR
    Michael Bradley ,was he not mentioned ?

  • 66 Reyantoon // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:04 AM

    Three players are minimum requirements considering how poor we were last season.If we get the mentioned senior players,that will be some start.We have some good youngsters that we should give a chance and deserve to play every week..we may not need 6 or 7 new senior players.Inorder to do that,you have to ship out some.

  • 67 BandB // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:05 AM

    The club has been virtually silent on transfers.
    WE are managing our own expectations.
    A month ago, to suggest we would sign six was “pessimism,” as we “needed a complete overhaul.”
    Now two or three is “realistic” as a thin squad that set all sorts of unwanted records is suddenly “basically” sound.”
    WE have talked ourselves into this, not the club.
    As usual.

  • 68 Ron Knee // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:05 AM

    Pure coincidence, surely!

  • 69 sparky55 // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:07 AM

    2 centre halves is far more important to me than anything else..every good team is built on a solid back four and we’ve not had one since the late sixty’s.

    We have more mediocre midfielders than anything else, and an average strike force that may or may not improve with good coaching…but we’ve only got one left back (whose better at centre half) no centre halves at all and one good right / wing back so no doubt the real un published hush hush transfers are all for defenders…the rest is just bollox

  • 70 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:16 AM


    We have only had a thin squad because we have sold two players (Santon Mbiwa), released 4 players (Jonas Taylor Campbell Streete), had 8 players out on loan who gave since returned (Darlow Lascelles Marveaux Vukic Ferguson Streete Mbau Bigi) and have now seen the return of 5 players who had long term season ending injuries (Taylor Good Dejong Haidara and Tiote).

    Some of these players may not be considered to be good enough because of past performances under an inept regime.

    However, I think it is only correct that the coaching regime currently in place has the opportunity to give these players a chance yo show what they can do under a modern go ahead coaching regime.

    If they still fail, then they can go.

  • 71 mickalfas // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:16 AM

    I don’t think it’s correct when people say there’s time ,other clubs haven’t bought etc
    The scale of the rebuilding needed,surely we should have been first off the blocks,not last
    The only one I believe is this Toney lad,fits our desired model
    Hope I’m wrong !!
    If they were interested in Austin it could have been done now ,all this wedding ,honeymoon, royal ascot is all BS

  • 72 BandB // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:23 AM


    That sounds a bit like you are arguing that they are all “like new signings.”

    This is us realising we are probably not going to get what we had reasonable cause to believe we had been promised, and managing our own disappointment by convincing ourselves we didn’t need or want it anyway.

  • 73 will die for the toon army // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:24 AM

    Joel Matíp
    Georginio Wijnaldum
    Florian Thauvin
    Charlie Austin

    Bigi (loan)
    Vickic (loan)
    Good (loan)
    Armstrong ( loan)

  • 74 Slank // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:26 AM

    mickalfas @ 71

    Regards Austin.

    It’s either a done deal and he isn’t going to interrupt his honeymoon just to stand on the steps at SJP.

    Or he is waiting for Chelsea as his number one choice but who as far as I can tell haven’t lodged a bid.

    Or he knows that Chelsea are now out of the frame and is waiting for West Ham, his second choice, to up their bid.

  • 75 Slank // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:31 AM

    will die for the toon army @ 73

    Your ‘Out’ list isn’t very inspiring for prospective buyers other than Armstrong.

    I think you should add Tiote, Cisse and Sissoko as these three are ‘sellable’

  • 76 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:32 AM


    Probably a bit if being resigned to the fact that history shows Ashley hasnt shelled out big time in the past plus also the glass half full expectation that training and coaching under the new regime will be infinitely more up to date, interesting, confidence building and tuned more to a possession based attacking style which will appeal to all concerned and see an overall improvement in players attitudes skills and confidence.

    Clutching at straws or too much to ask.

  • 77 geordie157 // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:33 AM

    Would be happy with that!

    Is schaar staying at basle? If he’s available I’d add him to that list.

  • 78 will die for the toon army // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:34 AM

    Aymen A – 15m
    Wijnaldum – 15m
    Austin – 15m
    can save money on Thauvin. Keep Obertan and upgrade Aarons to the first team. Then add money on Aymen and don’t buy Matip (if we have doubts)

    Jst thoughts

  • 79 mickalfas // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:35 AM

    I agree on the three to be sold ,hopefully when they are surplus to requirements and not just to boost the balance sheet
    Sell first,will they be replaced ?

  • 80 BandB // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:36 AM

    We seem to have a circular argument.
    Suggest Derby County’s shocking loss of form was down to McClaren being not that good, and you’ll be told “no no no!….it was down to a thin squad that was hit by injuries.”
    Suggest WE were a thin squad hit by injuries and the same people will tell you we can factor that out this year because we now have Derby County’s fitness people.

  • 81 will die for the toon army // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:38 AM

    Slank we r looking for a competitive squad. We don’t need to sell those players as of now. We have them for one more season then we see.

    If we r to keep those lads we can compete with the top 6 especially Mcclaren at helm

  • 82 geordie157 // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:40 AM

    Schar signed for hoffenheim yesterday.

  • 83 jesperfuglsang - capt'n awesome of the lemon crew // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:44 AM

    Expat…that’s what I fear! Never really thought anyway that those FF meetings amounted to anything.

    Jeff…you are easily convinced aren’t you? You are a good little fan!

  • 84 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:49 AM


    I suppose it more to the point that the current squad at NUFC is a lot more experienced than his Derby team. I dont really know. Time will tell. Hopes are increasing or you could well be right. Glass half empty v glass half full?

  • 85 jesperfuglsang - capt'n awesome of the lemon crew // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:49 AM

    BandB #80…yeah I don’t get it either!

    Some would like to have their cake and eat it!

  • 86 will die for the toon army // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:49 AM

    Am against this non sense of giving Austin the No. 9 shirt. We keep it with Cisse he has done everything to deserve it.
    Austin has to do e same.

  • 87 sing in the corner // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:49 AM

    expat @42

    I think thats a realistic assessment of the situation .
    Of course it all hinges on the as yet unknown – McLaren’s coaching ability under this sort of ‘unique’ regime.

    It seems 15 is the magic number..:)
    To borrow a phrase from Mr Tuff’s arsenal:

    Wallet (not wally)….OOOOT.

  • 88 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:52 AM


    I have no doubt McLaren is a good coach. Whether he and his back up team are good enough to motivate and improve fringe players to become first team regulars remains to be seen.

  • 89 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:54 AM


    Do your comment at 85 is a go at me?

    You dont want the best for the club and more?

    Yeah right.

  • 90 BandB // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:55 AM


    I have been sceptical for a few years now. I haven’t in that time found myself having to eat my words or retire from the blog in shame.

    The reason my glass isn’t half full is because I’m not re-filling it with my own pee.

  • 91 Jib // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:55 AM

    Will Die
    Agree except for
    Thauvin —- don’t like what I’ve heard about his attitude .

    I think Good has had enough loan time

  • 92 jesperfuglsang - capt'n awesome of the lemon crew // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:56 AM

    Expat…my comment @ #85? That was a reply to BandBs comment just before.

  • 93 Jib // Jul 5, 2015 at 8:58 AM

    Susannah York used to drink her own pee.
    She died aged aged 72 of bone marrow cancer

    Just saying like

  • 94 BandB // Jul 5, 2015 at 9:01 AM

    good morning jesp….

  • 95 jesperfuglsang - capt'n awesome of the lemon crew // Jul 5, 2015 at 9:02 AM

    Good morning BandB

  • 96 expatmag // Jul 5, 2015 at 9:02 AM


    Agreed. He has the first week out of the way. His major internationals are back tomorrow. We could have a couple of signings in soon. His coaching staff is in place and up and running.

    By the end of next week, he should be well down the list if assessed players of who he wants to keep and who goes.

    The board should also be able to advise which of his targets in key areas can be bought. By the time the USA trip comes round, he should have his first draught of his 25 man squad in place and he can formulate his game plans around the training sessions and practise matches.

  • 97 Slank // Jul 5, 2015 at 9:06 AM

    will die for the toon army @ 81

    I agree that we should be looking for a competitive squad but finances always come into play.

    If a good offer comes in for Tiote, Sissoko or/and Cisse I believe the club will take the money. Georginio Wijnaldum, Florian Thauvin and Charlie Austin would appear to be their direct replacements.

    I don’t think we can compete with the top 6 even with McClaren’s couching. We are not better than Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd, Spurs and Liverpool.

  • 98 will die for the toon army // Jul 5, 2015 at 9:09 AM

    Aymen A sounds he is out of our league. Guy is linked by Barcelona Liverpool Spurs Juventus for €30m. Thats our transfer budget. I will hang on Matip hooe he doesnt disappoint.

    For Injuries, it had to predict like e ones we had last season. Crazy stuff.

  • 99 lochinvar // Jul 5, 2015 at 9:14 AM

    If Winjaldu arrives and they make De Jong Captain then Krul will stay as alongside Anita and others we have a Dutch Core to keep everyone including wives and families happy. It actually a well thought out strategy. And with Newcastle to Amsterdam a short hop no problems with family and friends visits. Winjaldu is not daft- if he’s turned down the Mackems one of the reasons is that their airport is Newcastle International airport ( ha ha ) and is close to Darras Hall.

    Jib@59 and Slank@62 make good points – a vocal De Jong as Captain with some Anglo-Saxon opinions expressed would be great for team spirit and crowd atmosphere ! I’ve worked with the Dutch and they are hugely friendly, outgoing, humorous and passionate – all great qualities . A favourite expression for hangers on was always in English ” effing tourists” – exactly we don’t need any time wasters just winners.

  • 100 will die for the toon army // Jul 5, 2015 at 9:20 AM


    If the board sell those players we will b like last season with no plan B. And besides u take e risk of hope u will gain a top 8 finish that £8.4m more than last season to cater for their salaries (Sissoko,Cisse, Tiote).

    I bet we have over 40m in the bank adding 5.5m( Mbiwa) 2.3m(Santon) and 2m(Pardew).

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