Paul Simpson And Ian Cathro Outline Their Coaching Roles

We are finally hearing from some of Steve McClaren’s new coaches and they have been talking on nufcTV – and on a new show they are calling Magpies 24/7.

steve mcclaren and coaches

Steve McClaren with his new coaches
From left to right – Schoenmaker, Simpson, McClaren, Cathro (smile needed) and Black
Goalkeeping coach Andy Woodman isn’t shown

This is what Paul Simpson – who was assistant manager to Steve at Derby County had to say:

“It’s a great opportunity for us all to come to a football club like this.” “Steve’s tried to put a management team together that’s going to help as much as we possibly can; he’s brought Ian Cathro in, who’s a very bright up-and-coming coach with a fantastic energy to him and really good ideas, and myself to help with the organisational stuff, an extra pair of hands out on the training field.”

“Alessandro’s come in on the fitness side to go alongside what’s already here and one thing that has really pleased us since we came into the building is that the other staff have been absolutely spot on so far. They’ve really taken us in, they all want to be involved and hopefully with us all together we can help bring some real good times back to the football club.”

“We’re delighted with what we’ve got. The players are showing that they’ve got the enthusiasm, that they want to learn and listen. I think they’re still a little bit nervous because of all the changes that are going on but they’ll get used to us – they’ll realise that we’re not the type of people who rule everything with a stick.”

“We want their input into it. We want them to enjoy training, we want them to be enthusiastic and I think when you come back for pre-season, you can’t help but be enthusiastic working at a football club like this.”

Ian Cathro is only 28 years old and the youngest member of Steve McClaren’s staff – and he was the assistant manager at Valencia last season,  but left a few weeks ago for personal reasons.

Ian is already well respected as a coach for one so young, but he is a really hard worker and seems to be born to be in coaching.

This is what the Scot had to say:

“Everyone’s keen to make some progress. My view is to give everything that I possibly can, spend every hour of the day that I can apply to trying to support Steve and the rest of the staff, help the players improve and just give every part of me that I can. I think that’s the role of an assistant coach and I’ll try and do my very best.”

“I know I’m still probably quite young, and that’s written in the first line of most things, but I don’t feel it. I’m just a hard worker and you get a lot done when you focus entirely on one thing.”  “I’m already losing my hair so time for me seems to be passing a little bit quicker than for others, perhaps.”

Those are good words from both Paul and Ian and it seems they are a good team already.

After it took a while for Steve to put together his coaching team – which also includes goalkeeping coach Andy Woodman – Steve  has put together what looks like an excellent team who can get the very best out of the players already at the club.

It’s taking a little time to get new players in, but if we can get a couple or three in this week that would be excellent.

There’s a lot of concern with fans at the moment because of the lack of signings at the club but remember – all’s well that ends well.

Here’s hoping.

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