Steve McClaren Impressive At Fans Forum Meeting

It was good to see that new head coach Steve McClaren attended the Fans Forum meeting last night, and he was active in the discussions and not surprisingly the people present were impressed with Steve’s contribution for the night.

steve mcclaren training

Steve McClaren – participated actively last night

Two more of the four Directors – Lee Charnley and Bobby Moncur – were also in attendance, and only Graham Carr was missing, but maybe Graham can attend one of these meetings during the season.

It would be good to get Graham’s perspective from his Chief Scout (almost Director of Football) position at the club.

We’ll have to wait for the minutes of the meeting to be published, and then there will be some talking points, and one of them will obviously be the transfer market this summer, with Newcastle seeming to struggle to make new signings.

Steve was very active in the meeting and asked the members of the Fans Forum various questions and obviously Steve is going to be very good at these meeting in the future.

People present at the meeting said that McClaren came over as a likable person who participated fully in the meeting, and seemed very honest and straightforward, who wanted to understand the fans’ position on various things.

But when the minutes do come out we probably shouldn’t expect too much from Managing Director Lee Charnley, who was said to reiterate stuff he’s said in the past – but it will be interesting to read what Steve said.

Given the situation Newcastle are in with their poor (dire?) communication – Steve McClaren can help that big time.

This is what one of the members Mr. Payne had to say about the meeting in the Chronicle today, via his Twitter account:

“I do like McLaren. I like how he engages with people, I like his attitude and his honesty and his positivity. Him being there was a big plus.”

“McLaren  impressed me by asking US questions, made me feel like he is actually interested in fans. Nobody at the club has done that before.”

“However, I do feel that it was very clever by the club to have him there as it kept the focus very much on the now and the future.”

“As I said earlier, the club won’t comment on transfer speculation or give details of how close they are to signing player x y or z,”

“I was a bit disappointed with that, meeting moved on quickly and it felt like there wasn’t enough time to go into detail very often.

“Structure of the meeting was different tonight so unfortunately I only got to ask 3 of the 10 questions I had. Other people covered some.”

It’s not too surprising they will not talk about transfers in any detail, while we are trying to tie up some of the deals.

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