Wijnaldum – Newcastle Is A Beautiful club

Newcastle target Georginio Wijnaldum has continued to talk about his link with Newcastle United, and he has called Newcastle United a beautiful club

Georginio Wijnaldum

Georginio Wijnaldum – Newcastle a beautiful club

Wijnaldum almost joined PSG last simmer bu turned down the move, and Manchester United were also said to be interested – but nothing came of that.

Georginio was quoted on what he has been telling Fox News over there in the US,  and it was reported in SoccerNews in Holland – this is some of what he had to say:

“You need to know what intentions a club has with you. In the end, your feeling determines whether you want to go to that club. Of course it’s a beautiful club, like most clubs in England.¨

“But it is not obvious that I would choose that club. If they do not play European football but the feeling is good, you still want to go. Maybe it is not financially attractive.¨

“But they do have a good plan with you and still want you.” It’s hard to say where they have to meet. If I feel good, I would like to make a step. If the feeling is not good, I want to stay at PSV.”

Well may be that ¨like most clubs in England”  takes away the compliment for Newcastle United just a little bit – but we’ll ignore that.


But he seems to be willing to join  Newcastle, and you can read into his comments he wants to join a club in England.

Georginio had mentioned yesterday that it was up to Newcastle to first agree a fee with PSV, and then he could talk about the deal with his agent.

But until that happens he was going to concentrate on his getting ready for next season – which is fair enough..

But with the news out that Newcastle are moving in we need to move quickly before bugger clubs come in for him.

And Newcastle do not have a good track record of moving quickly in the transfer market, because they tend to think about things too much – like how much money the player will cost.

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