McClaren Still Planning To Spend Big Money This Summer

Newcastle head coach McClaren says that the club are very close to getting a couple of good signings in,  and McClaren has said they explained to Mike Ashley what they want to do this summer, and it seems Mike has given them the money and told the Board to basically get on with it.

So it does look like the four man Newcastle Board is completely responsible for the transfers this summer, now that Mike Ashley has given them the money,  and is no longer part of the Board and hopefully keeping himself out of the football decisions at the club.

steve mcclaren training

Steve McClaren – on the training pitch

The Express is reporting tonight the amount of funds is £60M – and we assume that’s a net amount because if we do bring good players in then some other players will be sold – players like Cheick Tiote, Mike Williamson and Steven Taylor to name three.

Steve opened the training on Thursday to the media,  and it looks like that has gone very well the journalists, with the head coach giving a number of interviews today and seeming to be very open with the information he gave out.

This is what Steve said today – specifically about the transfers and even the longer term strategy:

“We’re close. We are working very hard behind the scenes. When you buy players for £0-5M there are loads of them and in that respect Newcastle would be top of the tree.”

“From £5M-£10M still a lot of them and we would be right up there competing with that group – and there are a lot of players in that group. But when you go above that and look for a caliber of player to improve what we’ve got and to achieve our objectives, that makes a huge difference.”

“When you go to £10M plus – and there is a lot of speculation about that level of player at the moment – they are Europa League and Champions League players at top clubs. There aren’t so many players in that bracket, so the competition is higher.”

“It is more difficult to recognize their availability and get things done. The process is going on and, believe you me, there is a massive willingness from the club to spend, but not spend foolishly.”

“We are also looking for good value, but everyone in football is still looking for good value for money and for talent – and that is what we are doing.”  “I looked at the plan when I first came in and looked at the caliber of players and said ‘wow’.” 

“We have expressed our objectives, and put it on the line and now we have to fulfill that. That’s what Mike Ashley has done and he said ‘go on fulfill it’.   So we have to get the right ones in  to improve this group.”

“We have talked a lot about the next three windows being huge, massive, for us. But let’s make sure we get the right ones.¨ “If we get them, then in a year’s time – after the third window – we should have a damn good team and squad on a different level to where we are now.”

“That is purely because we are looking at players above a certain bracket.”

Every club wants to get value for money and in the past Newcastle have overdone that .

But it’s not worth bringing players in just for the sake of it,  and it would be daft to spend money just for spending’s sake – that’s simply a waste of funds.

Newcastle still have the basis of a good squad,  and if we can get say five (very) good players in this summer, we could even have a good squad next season.

That’s our hope and we haven’t given up on that yet.

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