Steve Black Frightened The Players Half To Death

Steve Black comes to Newcastle with a huge reputation, and he has had many successes in his career – he’s  known to be a great motivator of people.

So there was a little bit of fun today when Steve McClaren was talking to the press, and the head coach mentioned that Black had talked one on one to most of the players since training started last week.

steve black closeup  at newcastle

Steve Black at Newcastle

To give you an idea of what Steve’s like – here’s a little bit of what’s on his web-site:

Be Effective!

Steve Black is one of Europe’s leading motivational speakers. He has built a formidable reputation as a passionate and captivating presenter who delivers cutting edge material in his own unique style.

Onwards & Upwards!

So that sets the stage just a little bit for what Steve McClaren had to say today, about Black speaking with each of the Newcastle players for the first time:

“Speaking of passion, when Steve Black had his first chat with the players, he frightened them half to death. Everybody knows him and his reputation and it has been well received.¨

“He’s good at his job and has done it in every sport. He has told the players that we are here to help.”

Steve can inspire the players when necessary and he has had lots of success with that in his career, but it’s more one on one with players.

But he does give speeches to executives too – so he seems to have a bit of a thriving business he’s built up over the years.

Hopefully he’s already has a one on one with Lee Charnley.


Steve McClaren seems to have put together a very good coaching staff, but only the results will show whether they can be successful at Newcastle.

Here’s hoping.