McClaren – One Or Two Positions Need to Be Filled Desperately

Steve McClaren hosted reporters at the Benton training grounds yesterday and the journalists saw Newcastle do a lengthy warm-up before they split into two groups.

Hopefully that lengthy warm-up is one way to try to cut down on all the injuries we seem to pick up each season.

steve mcclaren in white

Steve McClaren – four or five top players would be good

New conditioning coach Alessandro Schoenmaker will be the one looking at cutting down on in juries which decimated the squad last season.

And just like he did on Monday night at the Fans Forum meeting Steve McClaren seemed happy enough to talk at length on most subjects the journalists brought up.

On the transfer front he mentioned the fact that the next three transfer windows would be important for Newcastle – so that will take us through to the start of next season 2016-2017.

And he mentioned that one or two position needed to be filled desperately – make that two and they are center-back and center-forward.

This is what he said on the number of signings he expected:

“We have got one or two positions we need to fill desperately, so we might need to buy about four or five – that would be great – but if not, we’ll just have to wait.”

And then he was asked if he would be happy with four or five signings this summer:

“Yes, I think everybody would. Everybody knows what the objectives are, and everybody knows that we have got good players here, but we need to improve on that.”

Steve is a very good communicator, and it looks like all the news to the fans will come through the head coach – much like it did with Alan Pardew.

But Steve seems willing to divulge more than Alan did – and that’s good for the Newcastle fans – especially when it looks like the 54 year-old will become the main participant for the club in those Fans Forum meetings.

And on Monday night he even seemed pleased and even enthusiastic to be able to talk to the Newcastle fans who were present.

In previous meeting the reps from Newcastle just seemed to want to get through the meetings as best they could.

So that’s a good change.

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