It Doesn’t Look Good For This Newcastle Target

It was six days ago that Newcastle was buzzing with the news that Georginio Wijnaldum was flying in to sign for Newcastle, and there was news from the agent of Aleksandar Mitrovic, Pini Zahavi,  that the Serbian striker could sign within hours as Pini arrived  in Newcastle.

The signing of Wijnaldum went without a hitch, and then we learned that Mitrovic’s family was in Newcastle with his father and younger brother being shown around St. James’ Park and the training fields, and no doubt being wined and dined too.

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Aleksandar Mitrovic – balking at Newcastle move

But no sign of the 20 year-old striker arriving for his medical.

Then a couple of days ago there was news in Belgium that Newcastle had given Aleksandar 48 hours to decide whether to sign or not – but still nothing.

The main problem Aleksandar has with Newcastle is that Newcastle do not play in the Champions League – and the second is that we only just survived relegation last season.

Those are the two major issues that are stopping the Serbian International striker from signing his five year contract at Newcastle, where hos wages will go up significantly from what he’s getting today at Anderlecht.

To be fair to Aleksandar, he has said he wants to keep playing in the Champions League all season, as Graham Carr vetted his progress with Anderlecht.

But it’s clear Newcastle are not his number one choice by a long way, and he is hanging on hoping bigger another club will come in for him – and he could hang on for weeks or even months.

So at some point if Mitrovic still shows no willingness to sign the package offered to him by Newcastle, we will need to cut the cord and go after our other striker targets.

Steve McClaren insists we have to be patient – but not in this case – when it’s clear the player doesn’t want to come to Newcastle.

I thought we only wanted players who wanted to play for Newcastle?

What do you think?

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