Mitrovich Is A Special Player – But Mbemba Is Even Better

There’s an interview in the Chronicle today with Belgian freelance journalist Philippe Vinck, and he knows all about  Belgium football as you can see on his Twitter account.

In his interview with Mark Douglas he says that Aleksandar Mitrovic is raw but a special player but he say that center-back Chancel Mbemba is an even better player.

If only we knew the real age of Chancel which is anywhere between 21 and 26.

Chancel Mbemba +RSC+Anderlecht+v+Borussia+Dortmund+b-_ygXUyz4El

Chancel Mbemba in action against Borussia Dortmund last season

This is what Vinck has said about the 20 year-old striker, and we still don’t know which club he will join this summer:

“He’s a special player,” “He’s not your average striker and not your average guy. Around the box he’s very good, he’s very strong and of course he can finish as well, which explains his excellent goal record for Anderlecht last season.”

“But he is not yet the finished article. You almost get the impression sometimes when you watch him that he is lazy on the pitch but if you study him closely, he is a very hard worker.”

“Dennis Praet was a star man but when he got injured, Mitrovic stepped up. He played really well in a 4-3-3 system,  but he needs players to cross the ball to him and really, he needs to play with a support striker. That’s when he’s at his best.”

“I think his reputation as a hot-head was over-stated. People get the wrong impression – he’s a nice kid.”  “He would be a success in England but my one reservation is it might be coming a bit too early.¨

“Jose Mourinho has decided that he’s not quite ready for Chelsea yet, he maybe needs another year. With games at Newcastle he may be a big success, but it’s not a guarantee.”

That’s an interesting comment about Chelsea’s interest in Aleksandar, with headlines across England last night and today,  that Chelsea will move in and beat Newcastle to the young striker.

Both Mitrovic and Mbemba were held back from training at Anderlecht today, and it was thought that both may be close to a transfer – with Newcastle of course being one of the likely destinations.

Vinck thinks Mbemba is a better player than Mitrovic, and could be a great singing for us:

“If Newcastle get him I believe it would be the signing of the summer.” “I think he’s better than Mitrovic – he’s quick, he’s strong and he has all the potential.”

“I already think he’s the best defender in Belgium.”   “He was fantastic against Arsenal and he would be terrific in the Premier League.”

OK – I’m a believer in Mbemba – but if we do get both players through the door that will be one player each in the two areas that we were really weak in last season – striker and center-back.

So that would be really good news.

And with the great Georginio Wijnaldum already on board, things will start to buzz on  Tyneside again.

Here’s hoping …..

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