Belgium Media – Mitrovic, Mbemba To Newcastle – Very Close is reporting today in Belgium that while both Aleksandar Mitrovic and Chancel Mbemba missed the open training yesterday, with what were said to be slight injuries, the fact negotiations were also going on with Newcastle about the double transfer seemed strange – was it just a coincidence.

But both were seen playing tennis at times yesterday, so how serious their injuries are is debatable – as in – they are not really injured at all.

Aleksandar Mitrovic

Aleksandar Mitrovic – while at Partizan

HLN is validating that Newcastle want both Anderlecht players, and that the negotiations are reaching the end game.

That’s also in line with other reports in Belgium today that Newcastle want the players to join when on the American tour – and since that ends next Wednesday, it’s either going to happen very soon or not at all – and that will please readers.

This thing has dragged on far too long with Mitrovic, but it will still be a huge success for the club if we can get both of them through the door.

As revealed by their former Director of Football at Partizan Dragan Duric in mid-May, his former club Partizan will get some of the fee – it’s 20% depending on different reports – so they will be happy enough.

Duric was saying then that it was a done deal that he would join Newcastle, as long as we weren’t relegated.

Duric was the Partizan President when his young striker was sold to Anderlecht two years ago, and he received a lot of criticism for letting the lad move, but Partizan  had a sell-on clause inserted into  the contract of 20%.

Here’s what Duric said on 14th May:

“All of you criticised me when I sold Mitrovic and now it has turned out that it was an excellent move.”

“We sold him for €5M and now Partizan will gain another €3.4M – a total of €8.4M of one player.”

“According to my information, the transfer of Mitrovic to Newcastle is a done deal, it is a matter of time before he signs.”

It’s looking like in the last 24 hours Newcastle have won the race for Mitrovic – at least according to reports  in Belgium, but how many times have we said that in the last two weeks – too many times for sure.

It can still happen though – so here’s hoping.

The deal is now said to be for around €16.5M (down from €18M) and Anderlecht have inserted a 5% sell-on clause in the contract.

€16.5M is around £11.7M, and the fact these details are coming out says this is real.

And if we can get Chancel Mbemba through the door too – that will mean this is another great signing by Newcastle to go with the Georginio Wijnaldum a week ago.

It will have been worth the (long) wait, but of course it’s also been frustrating for the fans.

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