Mbemba Deal Imminent – Will Follow Mitrovic To Newcastle

It looks like Aleksandar Mitrovic will finally sign for Newcastle after he has his medical this afternoon, but like the deal with Georginio Wijnaldum – it will very likely be announced tomorrow, once the medical staff have confirmed everything is OK.

The Belgium press also expect the deal for Chancel Mbemba – who is friends with Aleksandar – to be completed within the next day or two, but they are not as far along as they are with Mitrovic.

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Chancel Mbemba – close to Newcastle deal

Newcastle have spent an awful lot of time to wait for the 20 year-old to finally say yes – and credit to Newcastle for that – and to Lee Charnley in particular, as he looks to being off another stellar signing for Newcastle in a week.

Having both Anderlecht players at Newcastle together will help them both settle in.

Probably the next we’ll hear on Mitrovic is when he arrives at the airport – and with it being a Saturday there could be some Geordies to welcome the young striker to his new home.

We are hoping a second deal can be done with Mbemba who while only 6ft tall, has speed, skill and power that make him one of the best center-backs in Belgium and he has often been competed to Vincent Kompany.

Not sure how much Newcastle will pay for him but we though hit was €8M – but that could be £8M – but at £8M he could be a bargain.

This is what Belgian freelance journalist Philippe Vinck said about Mbemba yesterday:

“If Newcastle get him I believe it would be the signing of the summer.” “I think he’s better than Mitrovic – he’s quick, he’s strong and he has all the potential.”

“I already think he’s the best defender in Belgium.” “He was fantastic against Arsenal and he would be terrific in the Premier League.”

Chancel can play at center-back or right back and he’s either 20, 23 or 26 (take your choice) – here’s some information on his age:

In 2012, Congolese club ES La Grace had Brazilian sports lawyer Paulo Teixera put in a claim for training compensation to Anderlecht – the player was registered with the Congolese club in 2006.

The player’s registration from that time showed a birth-date of 8th August 1988, and the player registered with a different birth-date 8th August 1994 with Anderlecht.

That same date of birth was registered with FIFA for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign but then he registered with a third birth-date (30th November 1991) for the 2012 African Cup of Nations qualifying campaign.

So it will be exciting to see what date of birth he gives Newcastle – maybe he even comes up with a new one.

At most he’s 26 due to turn 27 next month, if indeed he was born on 30 November 1991 – otherwise he’s 20 due to turn 21 next month,  or 23 and due to turn 24 in November.

As we said – take your pick.

He looks older than 20, but that’s his age given on most football sites like Wikipedia and the like.

He  joined Anderlecht in 2102 and has played 76 times for them with 9 goals and 2 assists.

What do you think?

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