Newcastle Offer Mitrovic Incentive-Based Compensation

One reason we think Newcastle are extremely close to wrapping up a deal for Aleksandar Mitrovic, is that the details of the deal are being reported in the Belgium press – and they are really intricate low-level details.

Aleksandar Mitrovic

Aleksandar Mitrovic – could earn £40K/week

We reported earlier today that Newcastle will pay €16.5M (£11.7M) for the player, and of that fee his former club Partizan get 20% of the Anderlecht profits on the player.

Anderlecht paid €5M for him two years ago, so their profit is €11.5M so Partizan will get €2.3M.

Mitrovic’s wages are being reported in Belgium to be a base of €2.3M/year which is around £1.63M – about £31.3K/week.

But he also getting incentive payments of €23.5K (£16.7K) for each win and €11.7K (£8.3K) for each draw.

In our best season in the last 11 years back in 2011-2012 we had 19 wins and 8 draws (65 points), so in a good season Aleksandar would get an extra €446K for the wins and €93.6K for the draws.

That would be an extra €539.6K (£383.1K) in total so he’d get £2.013M – that’s about £38.7K/week – and  £7K/week in bonuses.

I think those calculations are accurate …..

That’s in a good year, but around £40K/week is not too bad for a 20 year-old.

That compares with Fab Coloccini’s £60K/week he gets unconditionally as Newcastle’s top paid player – which is just over £3M/year.

Maybe Colo will be sold this summer if we get two top center-backs into the club?

Comments welcome.

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