McClaren – Mitrovic Was A Much Sought After Striker in Europe

Newcastle’s head coach has been interviewed in Portland, Oregon by Dan King, the Newcastle Digital Editor, and Steve talks about the 20 year-old Serbian striker,  and how delighted he is to sign a player who had some top clubs after him this summer.

steve mcclaren

Steve McClaren – delighted to get Mitrovic

This is the full interview transcribed from the nufcTV video:

“I’m delighted – it has been a long process and a lot of opposition for his signature, and we are delighted he has made the step to us. Again, a statement of intent that the club wants to go forward.”

“If he scores 27 goals for us we’ll be delighted – we won’t need to do anything else – he brings goals, he brings potential, he’s got talent – I think that it is an ideal signing profile for the football club, and we want to develop him.

“We want to bring him in and give him the experience and however long it takes to adapt to the Premier League.”

“He’s a much sought after striker in Europe and for Newcastle to get him is fantastic.”  “He’s aggressive, so players like that tend to adapt – he has to adapt, he’s adapted everywhere he’s gone – he was very young when he made his debut and moved to Anderlecht.”

”So he’s made one move already and adapted to a different league – he’s got experience at that at a young age,  and he moves here so he has to do it all again and adapt to the Premier,  and adapt to players here and to our training – he’s a good acquisition for the squad.”

“Yeah a character? I prefer goals and performances than character,  but if character goes together with that then that’s fine.” “He is a young player and very confident, already an International player, so we can’t wait to start working with him – help him to improve – and help our team to win.”

“As I said before, we have been working very hard behind the scenes, and they have to be the right ones – but I believe what we have brought in we have the right ones so far.”

Certainly the news finally that we have captured this young striker is going over very well with the fans.

We wonder when we can get Chancel Mbemba through the door?

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