Mitrovic A Boyhood Newcastle Fan – I’m Happy, Proud And Excited

We had pointed out yesterday that when Aleksandar Mitrovic was 16 years old four years ago and at Partizan Belgrade,  he was asked  what his favorite club was apart from Partizan,  and he said Newcastle United, and he was a big fan of Newcastle when young.

He knows all about a certain Alan Shearer, who he says was a big hero of his and he likes to play like Alan did.

Shearer continues to be a huge asset to Newcastle United when we are trying to get players through the door – it’s just a pity he’s not somehow part of the club in say an Ambassadorial role.

The young striker has spoken exclusively to nufcTV,  and he says he used to love pulling on that black and white shirt of Newcastle with his name on the back – well he’s going to do that many many times in the future, the more the better.

eleksandar mitrovic at SAt. James'Park

Aleksandar Mitrovic at St. James’ Park  – boyhood dream come true

He wore the shirt yesterday after leaving St. James’ Park and returning to the Hilton hotel, where he seems to be staying.

This is what our new exciting 20 year-old striker has said:

“It has been a few long days for me, because every day I wait to see what will happen between the clubs.” “But I am very happy, proud and excited. I cannot wait to start training with the team.”

“Last season Newcastle asked for me and this season they showed they really want me. This is the reason I have come here.” “I am also a fan of Newcastle, I follow Newcastle and I am very proud to be here.”

“For me, Newcastle is the best club to make progress, to play here with these amazing fans.” “I have been to the stadium and it was amazing. The atmosphere looks amazing on the television and I cannot wait for my first game.”

“This is a Club with big history,” “The fans are close to the players and I like that because I have had that in my previous two clubs.” “I know how to play with pressure at big clubs, having played for the biggest clubs in Belgium and Serbia.”

“There is going to be pressure here, for sure, but I like that.”

This lad is going to be huge favorite with the fans, especially the youngsters who will be able to empathize with him for being a big fan of Alan Shearer and that he just loves wearing the Newcastle shirt.

That’s also true with us older folks too – we’re still kids at heart.


I don’t know if I’ve said this before this morning (just kidding), but this is a truly monumental signing for Newcastle and it will only help us get our other targets through the door this summer.

It’s a five year deal for Mitrovic, and the fee is around £13M.

It’s a great interview and if you have a subscription to nufcTV watch it – it’s a pity the club doesn’t make it available to all the fans – maybe it will come on YouTube.

Howay The Lads!!

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