Steve McClaren – Some Surprises On The Way

The Chronicle is reporting some good news tonight,  that Steve McClaren has said some of the targets Newcastle are after have not been reported in the papers yet.

Would you believe that – there’s been reports of Newcastle being after 223 players so far – and some were missed – how could that be?


steve mcclaren training

Steve McClaren – in training

We should be signing Chancel Mbemba on Friday all being well,  but then maybe the next ones coming in are going to be a surprise – we wonder who they might be?

Here’s what Steve has said to the local journalists out in the US:

“We’re forever working. People are mentioning this and that but believe you me, we have a lot of names that people have not got hold of yet. We have been close with them.”

“At the moment we have two in and I am sure we are looking for others. But as I say they have to be the right ones.”  

Steve was asked if Aleksandar Mitrovic could possibly play at Sheffield United on Sunday afternoon:

“I think it’s the visa we have to get through and it might take three or four days. We hope so.”

“It will be good to get back on Friday, meet him and get him in with the family.”  “There were a lot of plusses. Freddie Woodman came in and did well. Rolando showed his talent and ability.”

“When he comes in he is going to be a real talent and threat,  so I am delighted with the staff and the players.” “We move on and we all have two days travel ahead now.”

Freddie Woodman and of course Aarons have done themselves a lot of good during this tour – Freddie my even be the number two behind Tim Krul come August.

The lads must be taking it easy coming back, and we cannot blame them – California (Pacific time) is 8 hours behind Newcastle time, and it does take time to travel from west to east over long distances because of the time zone differences.

So who are the players that they have been scouting and looking at under the radar?

Any ideas?

After we get Mbemba in before the weekend, it’s anybody’s guess who the next players could be – but surely one is a top center-back.

And maybe Newcastle will be bringing in a total of six or even seven players with five probably being the minimum number.

We need another winger, but that cannot be Cristiano Ronaldo can it?

Well – don’t laugh – that would qualify as a surprise.

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